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Welcome to the



Neo Melanesian

"Pidgin English"

Tok Pisin English
autim cross out / speak out / divulge / withdraw
banis fence / ribs / wall
buk book
dia expensive
diwai tree / wood (timber)
gumi inner tube
gut / gutpela good
hat cap / hat
kago cargo / goods
kaikai food
klostu almost
wanpela man no meri somebody
wiken weekend
wokim glas i go antap wind up a window
wokman worker / workman
yu mekim wanem? what are you doing?

Webster's Online Dictionary
with Multilingual Thesaurus Translation


English       Pidgin English  
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Eastern Highlands Province

Coffee Festival

Air Niugini Staff, Port Moresby


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News Items

Post Office Travel

Here is a contribution from Gerhard Nau clarifying what type of services are on offer from the recently opened Travel Express Shop at the Boroko Post Office.

I have noticed your article about Post Travel in your 26 December issue. I have recently worked for Airlines PNG and was involved in part with the functions of Post PNG Travel speak Travel Express. The article suggests that you can only book travel on Airlines PNG whereas in fact you can book and obtain tickets for all major airlines, which includes Air Niugini, Qantas and Airlink. I would be delighted if you could kindly publish a correction in your next issue. Thank you tru

Post PNG hopes to be able to expand Travel Express to all major Post Offices in the future.

Air Niugini

In a bold move Air Niugini has reduced its domestic airfares between eight to twelve percent as well as introducing special fares of up to 60 per cent off the economy fare for travel on domestic flights within PNG. Seats are on sale now for travel starting from the first of February. The new fares package is aimed at stimulating domestic tourism growth within the country and will further boost international tourism into to PNG. As with all special fares, they are capacity controlled and there are certain terms and conditions attached to the discounted fares. However, in general there will be a lot more flexibility thus allowing the customer to plan an itinerary without too many restrictions. The fares will also be availbale on the web site --

Now all it will need is the rest of the tourism sector to increase the number of beds, the number of tourist guides, taxis and buses etc and tourism might just get that kick start that it badly needs. At the moment if two Air Niugini Fokker F100 100 seat aircraft are not operational out of Port Moresby all the hotel beds in Port Moresby are filled up and the airline struggles to find suitable accommodation around town. If the cheaper domestic and international fares means more people travelling it simply means that when things go wrong accommodation is going to be a very weak link in the tourism chain.

Simbu Roads

After the official go ahead by the Governor General 33 kilometres of roads are set to be upgraded and sealed in the Goro - Gumine area of Simbu Province. The project is part of the ADB-PNG Government's five-year road programme for PNG.

Sugar Shortage

Where sugar cane often grows like a weed PNG is suffering from a shortage of refined sugar. The unexpected shortage is causing a major concern for local sweet tooth consumers. Sugar has not been sold in Buka town for a month now, but where it is available in parts of Bougainville, it is selling for twice the price, with retailers cashing in on the low supply. The shortage has meant that local sugar refiner Ramu Sugar Limited has had to start importing sugar from overseas in a bid to meet local demand. The containers full of sugar should arrive soon.

Gun Crackdown

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is getting its act together and policing the carrying of firearms and ammunition onboard aircraft leaving Port Moresby. People wishing to have firearms travel with them must lodge them at a special area at the airport where the weapon is consigned as special cargo onboard the aircraft. CAA hopes to be able to set up a similar system at other major airports around the country.

School Pay

Teacher's from Central Province, who are about to resume from their leave to start the new school year, have been advised that their leave pay is now ready! Oh well, I suppose they can use it at Easter but can they use it to pay off the debts they incurred to go on leave in December?

French Envoy

The Governor General has met with the new French Envoy, Patrick Boursin, and welcomed him to the country on behalf of the people of PNG.

Pacific PNG Gold

Mining giant Xstrata has bought into Highlands Pacific Ltd's PNG gold and copper mine Frieda River Project. Xstrata has taken a major stake of 73 per cent in the project. Frieda River is located near the border of the Sandaun and East Sepik Provinces in north-western PNG.

Solomon Island Police Post

Sam Inguba, from PNG, is being considered for the vacant Solomon Islands police commissioner's position. Solomon Island prime minister's media officer, Deli Oso, told The National -- -- from Honiara to clarify reports in PNG and Solomon Islands that Mr Inguba was now a hot candidate for the Solomon Islands police commissioner's office since he had not been re-appointed by the PNG Government.

Ok Tedi Mining

A group of landowners around the Ok Tedi River has instigated a K12 billion lawsuit against Ok Tedi Mining Limited (OTML). OTML claim that the law suit is without merit as the majority of the genuine landowners have already signed a mine continuity / continuation agreement in 2001. Annually the Ok Tedi mine contributes 21 percent towards PNG's total export revenue and 10 percent GDP.

Lord's Prayer

Here is one version of the Lord's Prayer in Tok Pisin. There are other versions.

Papa bilong mipela
yu stap long heven.
Mekim nem bilong yu i kamap bikpela.
Mekim kingdom bilong yu i kam.
Strongim mipela long bihainim laik bilong yu long graun,
olsem ol i bihainim long heven.
Givim mipela kaikai inap long tude.
Pogivim rong bilong mipela,
olsem mipela i pogivim ol arapela i mekim rong long mipela.
Sambai long mipela long taim bilong traim.
Na rausim olgeta samting nogut long mipela.

Telikom PNG -- Telikom PNG have announced that they have signed a deal with Fujitsu Australia to provide equipment at up to 50 percent cheaper than what Telikom was previously paying for similar services. This is the first of many such deals expected to be struck by Telikom PNG with five major international suppliers well below international benchmark prices.

Limestone Discovery

The discovery of sedimentary limestone in the remote Dingnagat area in the Yus local level government in Kabwum, district, Morobe province, has prompted Morobe Governor Luther Wenge to seek Government assistance to carry out further tests to ascertain its viability. The limestone could be used to produce gas and oil.


Some people come to PNG to make a fortune or at least try to. Others come to see the scenery and stay. Jason Kovacs, of Brisbane, Australia was one such person. Read a bit out his stay in PNG --,7204,21100476%5E15841%5E%5Enbv%5E,00.html -- While he was in PNG he helped with the IMR web site --

Popondetta Police

The police in Popondetta now have a new vehicle to help maintain law and order in the province thanks to the taxpayers of PNG. The vehicle was presented by a politician who has also recently donated to schools in the province in time for the coming elections.

PNG Students Reunion

There is to be a Papua New Guinea highlands international primary schools reunion for ex-students from Banz, Goroka, Kundiawa, Minj and Mt Hagen in Brisbane later this year. The reunion will be held at the Queensland Irish Club. --

K50 Hospital Charge

A charge of K50 recently introduced at the Port Moresby General Hospital for victims of domestic violence has been reversed after a public outcry. The charge will still apply for people who have been participants in ethnic violence and drinking brawls. The fee was first imposed to try and educate people that the cost of treatment is not cheap and they had to become responsible for their own health. Victims of domestic violence do not get involved voluntarily and have been exempted.

Aluminium Plant

A Russian company, Rusal, has signed a deal with the government of PNG to investigate the building of an aluminium smelter in Port Moresby. The company requires a large supply of gas over a period of 30 years to fire the smelting equipment. The gas will be supplied from the PNG Gas Project.

Soap Opera Continued

The police saga seems to have settled down with Gari Baki taking charge and making peace with his fellow officers and the union. The Moti issue, declared a "dead issue" by the Prime Minister, Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare, is still being investigated by the Defence Force Commission of Enquiry. The High Court Judge in charge of the enquiry has said the Sir Michael's remark was "not an appropriate" remark by the Prime Minister. The judge went on to say that Moti escaped from PNG without following proper procedures and he also used government owned assets to do so.

Postage Rates

Post PNG has increased postage rates for domestic and overseas mail from the start of the year.

A 50 gram domestic letter has gone from 80 toea to 85 toea. Overseas postage to Australia and the Solomon Islands has gone from K3.20 to K3.35. The cost of sending a letter to anywhere else (Singapore, USA, Europe etc) has remained the same at K5.35. Thank goodness for email!

Coming Events

National Surfing Titles in Vanimo in mid-February 2007.

32nd Gaming Fishing Association of PNG titles will be held from the 1st to the 4th April

May Coffee Festival 2007 - cancelled due to 2007 National Elections.

Tufi Cultural Show, Oro Province -- 9th to the 11th June

National Mask Festival, Kokopo - East New Britain Province -- 12th to the 15th of July

International Orchid Spectacular -- 5th and 6th of August

Lukim PNG NAU Tourism Expo -- 9th to the 11th September

National Tourism Conference -- 12th September

Hiri Moale Festival, Port Moresby - National Capital District -- 15th to 18th of September

PNG 30th Independence Day Celebrations -- 16th September

Morobe Show, Lae -- 4th to 5th of November

The Milne Bay Canoe and Kundu (drum) festival is to be in November.

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