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haus building
haus house
haus hut
haus bilong wasim klos laundry
haus kuk / hauskuk / kisen kitchen
haus lotu temple / church
haus luluai bilong longwe ples embassy
haus mani bank (n)
haus pamuk brothel
haus pekpek man toilet (men)
haus pekpek meri toilet (women)
haus piksa cinema / theatre
haus sik hospital
haus tambaran art gallery
haus tambaran spirit house
haus win garden house / summer house

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Koki Point to Ela Beach Rd
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Ela Beach towards Korobosea


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Warning: PNG web sites seem to come and go. The fact of life is that it costs money to host a web site (try -- -- for an excellent, reliable but cheap deal) and there is not much return on the outlay to most businesses in PNG. If you do click on a link and use the services or even have some comments to make then please contact the people at the relevant web site and let them know so they at least know that someone has gained some value from their efforts. If you are so inclined then mention that you heard about them from this web site. -- The PNG Gossip Newsletter.

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Port Moresby Map

PNG Map Server has a map of Port Moresby that can be found at --

Should Michael Somare Retire?

I notice that this survey has attracted a few survey takers. The results, as this newsletter is produced --

Retire = 77 (83%)

Do not retire = 16 (17%)

Nusa Island Resort

Nusa Island Retreat is situated on Nusa Island, just off the coast of Kavieng, New Ireland Province, Papua New Guinea. The Retreat is low impact and eco-sensitive with accommodation in the form of traditional island style bungalows. Most of the bungalows are set on the water's edge an all have great views. --

Lissenung Island Resort

Another resort close to Kavieng is Lissenung Island Resort --

Mount Hagen

South Pacific Tourism

The South Pacific Tourism Organisation (SPTO) is the mandated inter-governmental body for the tourism sector in the South Pacific. A web site can be found at -- http://www/ -- SPTO members include the Pacific Island nations of the Cook Islands (Cooks), Fiji, Kiribati, New Caledonia, Niue, Samoa, Solomons, Tahiti (French Polynesia), Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu and of course PNG. China is also a country member of SPTO. The SPTO web site contains one of the most comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date accommodation and activities listings for the South Pacific providing a complete guide on where to stay and what to see and do in the South Pacific Islands.

Morobe Province

and see this link for comment about the possibility of the 2007 elections failing in Morobe Province --

ICCC Web Site

The Independent Consumer & Competition Commission has a web site located at -- -- The ICCC is PNG's economic regulator and consumer watchdog.

Fuzzy-Wuzzy Angels

As Australia and New Zealand celebrated ANZAC Day yesterday (25th April) I thought this link from the Brisbane Times about the unsung barefoot heroes was appropriate --

PNG Travel Stories

Rumble in the Jungle --

Money grows on trees --

Lonely Planet's online guide to PNG can be found at --

News Items

Old Lae Airport

The Ahi people of Butibum village in Lae are demanding the return of the entire old Lae airport site to their business arm. For more on the story please visit the following link --

Election Security

The Police Minister has said that there is enough manpower to cover the national elections but not enough money to fund the logistics of the operation. 2,000 police personnel are on standby to be deployed two weeks in advance of the elections.

The PNG Defence Force (PNGDF) is all set to use about 400 members and eight PNGDF combined elements for the coming national election. The PNGDF will use three fixed wing aircraft, three patrol boats and two helicopters during the election period.

More election news --

Swamp Ghost

A report by the Public Accounts Committee has said that the National Museum and Art Gallery (NMAG) is a national disgrace. The 113 page report on the sale and export of the Swamp Ghost found that the museum was incompetently managed and ineffective in carrying out its statutory obligations. The report stated that the NMAG illegally entered a contract of sale for the Swamp Ghost and thereby breached the Public Finance (Management) Act, the National Museum and Art Gallery Act and the War Surplus Materials Act.

Highlands Highway

The Highlands Highway has once again been cut off recently. The Simbu section of the Highway was cut because of heavy rain in the area. The rain caused a 10 metre section of the road to be washed away near Mingende when the Teine creek flooded. Police were deployed to the area to ensure travellers and motorists were not victimised by local villagers when using a by-pass created for small vehicles.

Police Telephones

The Police recently had their telephone lines cut due to an outstanding telephone bill of over K1 million. The cut, by Telikom PNG, resulted in most lines to the Police Headquarters at Konedobu being unusable as well as lines at the NCD / Central Headquarters at Boroko.

K3 Million Gift

The leader of a trade union has questioned the K3 million gift by Sir Michael Somare, the leader of the National Alliance Party to the people of East New Britain. The National Government had recently made available K3 million for the delayed fishing project at Kabakaul. The union leader, Mr Patrick Waragat, believes the motive behind the money was to lure votes for the National Alliance Party, in this election, saying the timing of the gift was wrong.

K23 Million Road Upgrade

The Prime Minister has announced the allocation of K23 million for the upgrading of the road which links the Magi Highway to Bore village, where he recently launched the K335 million cassava bio-fuel project. The government has been urged to consider the establishment of an ethanol plant in the vicinity by the 25 landowner groups in the area.

PNG Luggage

Air Niugini is in trouble for offloading the luggage of passengers. In most countries around the world this would be a minor inconvenience for passenger who would have to look for a new set of clothes to wear but in PNG in means a whole lot more. Passengers on a recent flight form the highlands had their baggage off loaded due to weight restrictions and passengers immediately were concerned for their fresh and cooked market goods. One passenger had four large bags containing fresh vegetables and pork another passenger had a whole cooked mumu off loaded. Other passengers had similar tales to tell. Airline staff are concerned that the spirit of the meaning of the word luggage is being taken out of context. There is also the problem of food left behind rotting and then stinking out the luggage areas at the airports around the country.

see also


Lorengau Hospital

The Lorengau Hospital in Manus province has spent over K300,000 rectifying problems so that it can meet it requirements to be rated as a level four hospital. The hospital has taken on three new doctors, 50 additional staff; it has fixed the operating theatre (now in operation). It has also seen the installation of a ECG machine to detect heart problems and has also had its x-ray machine fixed. This has meant that several patients that would normally have had to travel outside the province for medical attention have been able stay close to family and friends.

Morobe Elections

The 2007 National Elections in Morobe Province are heading for disaster with the mass resignation of election officials only days before the issuing of writs on the 4th of May. An election official said that there had been no Limited Preferential Voting awareness sessions run in the province because the Electoral Commission had not release the funds and that the officials did not want to be blamed for a disastrous election. The election officials as considered to be very experienced people who have run three to four elections already so they knew what was required to be done before the elections.

see also




Poll Dates

The dates for the national elections are locked into the constitution of PNG and can not be deferred. Under the Constitution, Parliament's term must end on the fifth anniversary of its instalment. For this government that is the 5th of August 2007. In order for a new government to be in power by that date the elections must go ahead as planned. The only way the elections can be deferred would be by an amendment to the constitution.

Buka Jail

According to the Post Courier Newspaper the four Fijians being held at the jail in Buka have condemned the cells saying that they are unfit for human beings. The four have said the human rights of prisoners were being abused with such deteriorating and over-crowded conditions. The Fijians were locked up in the Buka police station cells in early February after escaping from Noah Musingku at Tonu, South Bougainville and surrendered to police. In the cells designed for 20 prisoners they have witnessed more than 70 prisoners being crowded into two cells.

Port Moresby Labour Ward

The Port Moresby General Hospital Labour Ward has had a new air-conditioning system installed. The ward had to be closed while this was being carried out. Due to the limited number of beds available in other wards at the hospital those mothers to be who could afford private facilities at clinics around the city were encouraged to use those facilities.

Parliament Hours

The politicians are having troubles keeping parliament running. In the past five days of its final session of this term, Parliament has only been able to sit for one and a half days. For three and a half days, the House did not have the required quorum to sit. Anglimp South Wahgi MP Jamie Maxtone-Graham has said that the Prime Minister should dissolve Parliament and call for the elections as the Government has lost the grip and can not manage the numbers any longer.

see also




World Cup

England has been placed in a "super pool" with Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea for the group stages of the 2008 World Cup.

see story --


The Prime Minister has passed the buck on the controversial amendments to the National Capital District Commission Act saying that it was passed through parliament as a private member's bill and to have it repealed it would have to be done by the member who passed it. NCD Regional MP, Wari Vele, sponsored the amendments to the act that were passed by Parliament in November last year. Moresby Northwest MP Sir Mekere Morauta has said that he finds it incredible that the Prime Minister can say that Parliament and Government have no responsibility to get rid of a bad law.

Coming Events

May Coffee Festival 2007 - cancelled due to 2007 National Elections.

Tufi Cultural Show, Oro Province -- 9th to the 11th June

Sepik Iron Man Contest -- 11th of June 2007

National Mask Festival, Kokopo - East New Britain Province -- 12th to the 15th of July

Mt Hagen Show - August 2007 -- -- First held in 1964, the Mt Hagen Show moved from its original site in Mt Hagen itself to the Showgrounds after independence in 1975.

International Orchid Spectacular -- 5th and 6th of August

Lukim PNG NAU Tourism Expo -- 9th to the 11th September

National Tourism Conference -- 12th of September

Hiri Moale Festival, Port Moresby - National Capital District -- 15th to 18th of September

PNG 30th Independence Day Celebrations -- 16th September

Morobe Show, Lae -- 27th and the 28th of October

The Milne Bay Canoe and Kundu (drum) festival is to be in November

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