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Welcome to the



Neo Melanesian

"Pidgin English"

Tok Pisin English
bensin gasoline
binatang insect
blakbokis flying fox
brukim lo break the law
bulmakau / kau / abus bulmakau beef / cattle
bun bone
bun nating thin
bung wantaim unite
dinau borrow / debt
fo / foa / fopela four
fotnait fortnight
gat have
gat dinau owe
givim give
gol gold
gris fat
gris bilong bulmakau dripping
gris bilong pik lard
pik pig

Webster's Online Dictionary
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Warning: PNG web sites seem to come and go. The fact of life is that it costs money to host a web site (try -- -- for an excellent, reliable but cheap deal) and there is not much return on the outlay to most businesses in PNG. If you do click on a link and use the services or even have some comments to make then please contact the people at the relevant web site and let them know so they at least know that someone has gained some value from their efforts. If you are so inclined then mention that you heard about them from this web site. -- The PNG Gossip Newsletter.

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News Items

PNG in the News

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A vigorous security clampdown by police and military in the Western Highlands capital of Mt Hagen has curbed violent incidents during polling --

Despite impending competition the Telikom mobile base is still growing. Telikom's mobile network now has 62 mobile base stations stretching from Daru to Arawa and Aitape to Alotau. --

Mud, mates and vivid memories of wartime -- -- or better still try the Tiny URL --

The National newspaper reports that only 58 out of 1600 students at the University of Goroka (UoG) were able to cast their votes when polling commenced in Eastern Highlands --

Radio New Zealand International reports that PNG police have seized guns in Western Highlands during the elections --

Pacific Magazine Daily News reports that tightened security helps curb PNG poll violence --

ABC Online reports on polling in Lae --

Remains of WWII Airman to be Returned to Family --

A policeman is in custody after allegedly shooting dead the son of a former MP --

PNG police chased an MP by helicopter after he allegedly tried to seize ballot boxes on polling day in the Highlands --

The beauty of Kabwum. Misty mountain-tops, rushing rivers, cascading waterfalls, immense limestone cliffs and dense tropical virgin rainforest's make up the natural beauty of Kabwum --

Port Moresby Power

Residents of Port Moresby have spent time without electricity after PNG Power workers pulled the plug at the Rouna Hydro Power Station over a new work enterprise agreement. The Trade Union Congress has thrown its support behind the workers to fight for the rights of the workers along with the Public Employees Association and the PNG Power Workers Association.

The power shutdown disrupted communication and banking services, and caused substantial losses to businesses in the city. Despite assurances from Telikom PNG that it had enough back up power for the Boroko communications centre / telephone exchange the equipment still failed after the two standby Generators and UPS failed after prolonged use. Power blackouts aren't an unusual event in PNG and Telikom should have its act together and provide reliable communications especially when it is charging a premium for the services it provides. The PNG Internet Gateway collapsed for some time effectively cutting PNG off from the rest of the world. see also --

Luckily for residents of Port Moresby the power workers have gone back to work after intervention by the chairman of the PNG Power Limited (PPL) Sari Maso who assured them verbally that he would personally deal with their grievances by meeting with Government authorities and his board and push their case.

Lae Power

Lae suffered a similar fate with emergency generators having to be swung into action so that the counting of votes could proceed. Mamose police chief, Giossi Labi, threatened the regional PNG Power manager in Lae and the Yonki Hydro plant would be arrested and charged with interfering or disrupting the election process if power was not restored. Power was restored after PNG power workers made repairs to insulation that had broken down on a tower near Rumion in the Markham Valley.

PNG Maps

Martin Kirkby from Hamilton in New Zealand has responded to a request by Isaac Sutcliffe for maps and geographical information about PNG.

Martin says "Regarding Isaac Sutcliffe's request for maps and geographical information (in PNG Gossip Newsletter), can I suggest he obtains a book titled "An Introduction to the Urban Geography of Papua New Guinea". It was edited by Richard Jackson and printed by UPNG: Dept Of Geography. It was marked as 'Occasional Paper Number Thirteen, March 1976. I suggest he tries the National Library of Australia. Its ISBN no is 0 85810 068 1."

The book covers the history and geography of over 20 urban centres which existed at the time of Independence - each with a fairly detailed land use map.

I hope this is helpful to Isaac"

Thanks Martin, I will pass that on to Isaac as well as the other readers. All contributions are appreciated.

Martin lived and taught in PNG from 1975 to 1978 at Kerema, Sogeri & Kerowagi and from 1985 to 1999 at Mt Hagen and Port Moresby.

Maps of Milne Bay --

Da Vinci Code

Here is a Pastoral letter written in 2006 on the Deception of the Da Vinci Code by Bishop Cesare Bonivento, the Catholic Bishop of Vanimo, West Sepik Province --

Guns Seized

PNG police say government troops deployed for election duties in the Highlands region have recovered four high powered guns and an automatic pistol and a total of twenty people are in police custody facing various criminal charges. The weapons were confiscated as polling got underway in Western Highlands. Full Story --

Goroka Coffee

The Bird of Paradise Hotel is currently exhibiting local coffee products in conjunction with the Coffee Industry Corp. The products displayed provided an ideal first hand opportunity to market the industry overseas because many tourists visit Goroka and reside at the hotel part of the Coral Sea Hotels group. Goroka, the capital of the Eastern Highlands, is at the centre of the coffee growing areas in the country. An annual Coffee Festival is also held in Goroka usually during May. The festival was put on hold this year due to the National elections.

Happy Snaps

A camera stolen in May by an armed gang from the Western Highlands has been returned with snaps of dozens of tribal warriors posing with high-powered rifles such as M-16s and SLRs. The camera's owner, who did not wish to be named, found digital snaps had been taken showing groups of armed men posing in face paint and camouflaged clothing and brandishing high-powered rifles. See the full story at -- -- or tinyurl --

Sitting Member Arrested

Former PNG police minister, Alphonse Willie who is also the current siting member for the Kerowagi Open seat in Chimbu Province has been arrested and charged with illegal possession of a .22 pistol when searched at a police roadblock during the national elections. The former minister was locked up and charged along with his passengers, including one who was also charged with possession of cannabis. Mr Willie is currently attempting to regain his seat in parliament.

Communication Security Fears

Sumasi Singin, the Chairman of the Independent Public Business Corporation, has said that there are fears of losing control over the security of the telecommunications network and this is why a new company called NetCo will be setup to look after the telecom network in the country. NetCo will be split off from Telikom PNG with the remainder of Telikom being responsible for providing retail services along with Digicel PNG and Green Communications. Mr Singin said the security of the core PNG Telecommunications Network is very important and he would not like to see this under the control of others.

Ok Tedi

Ok Tedi Mining Limited (OTML) was able to increase revenue for 2006 by 40 per cent. OTML posted sales revenue of K4.643 billion last year, up K1.335 billion, from the previous year's figure of K3.308 billion. The increase in revenue was attributed to record copper prices that managed to offset a slight drop in production from the mine. The mine also celebrated its 25th year of operation last year.

Hot Power

The thermal energy from hot springs in the West New Britain Province can be utilised to generate electricity similar to what happens in New Zealand. The West New Britain Provincial Disaster Director, Lieutenant Colonel Peter Baki, said this after visiting some of the major hot springs in the Talasea area of the province. He said that power stations could be built near the springs to trap heat and make electricity and benefit the people. The north coast area of the province has an abundance of hot springs suitable for the task.

Voters Feast

Along with any election in PNG the voters get treated very well by people campaigning to win their vote. I have heard of whole streets in Gerehu being given pigs to feast on. Some of the other areas receive food from candidates. There are other stories of voters being wooed with cans of beer and outright cash donations. Here is a story from the Economist -- -- about the Henganofi district near Goroka. -- -- read and enjoy.

Counting the Votes

The counting of votes is in full force around the country. Don't forget to check out the PNG Electoral Commission Web Site at -- -- just in case they update the site with some of the details of the current counting although that doesn't seem to be happening.

Coming Events

Malagan Show, Kavieng -- 14th to 17th of July

PNG Remembrance Day -- 23rd of July

Mt Hagen Show - August 18th to 19th -- -- First held in 1964, the Mt Hagen Show moved from its original site in Mt Hagen itself to the Showgrounds after PNG independence in 1975.

International Orchid Spectacular -- 5th and 6th of August

Milamala Festival, Trobriand Islands on the 11th of August

XIII South Pacific Games -- August 2007. To be held in Samoa

Lukim PNG NAU Tourism Expo -- 9th to the 11th September

National Tourism Conference -- 12th of September

Hiri Moale Festival, Port Moresby - National Capital District -- 13th to 17th of September

The Tourism Promotion Authority has the following to say about the popular annual Hiri Moale Festival.

It will be held at Ela Beach in Port Moresby and organisers say the event, which depicts the historical significance of the Hiri trade between the Motuan people and their Gulf neighbours to the west, will be bigger and better this year. As in the past, the symbol of the Hiri Moale Festivals today remains the giant double-hull Lakatois (canoes) which plied these waters risking many lives over many months to trade fish for food from the west. Today, the Lakatois (sometimes spelt lagatois) are sailed into Ela Beach by certain chosen villages accompanied by singing and dancing. A highlight of the Hiri Moale Festival is the Hiri Hanenamo or Hiri Queen quest.

PNG 30th Independence Day Celebrations -- 16th September

Goroka Show -- 16th to the 18th of September

National Cultural Commission Arts and Crafts Exhibition, Port Moresby -- from the 26th to the 28th of October

Morobe Show, Lae -- 27th to 28th of October

The Milne Bay Canoe and Kundu (drum) festival is to be held in November from the 2nd to the 4th.

Do you have an event that you want advertised? Send email to -- PNGNews[@]

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