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Neo Melanesian

"Pidgin English"

Tok Pisin English
tok baksait gossip about
tok bilas ridicule
tok bilong bipo yet fable / myth
tok bilong ol tumbuna tradition of ancestors
tok bokis secret language / parable
tok grisim flatter
tok gude greet
tok gumi tall tale
tok hait secret
tok insait conscience
tok pait controversy
tok ples local language
tok tru speak the truth / truth
toktok talk / conversation
tokautim sin confess
tokim tell
toksave advertisement / information / explain
tok save long explain
toktok long talk about
toktok wantaim converse with
tokwin rumour

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Hiri Moale Festival

Cashier at a local supermarket dressed up to celebrate PNG Independence Day

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Warning: PNG web sites seem to come and go. The fact of life is that it costs money to host a web site (try -- -- for an excellent, reliable but cheap deal) and there is not much return on the outlay to most businesses in PNG. If you do click on a link and use the services or even have some comments to make then please contact the people at the relevant web site and let them know so they at least know that someone has gained some value from their efforts. If you are so inclined then mention that you heard about them from this web site. -- The PNG Gossip Newsletter.

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PNG Is Not For Cowards --!485C19FEE8E75867!1139.entry

Goroka Grammar

THe Goroka Grammar School Web Site, Eastern Highlands Province, Preschool through to Grade 12, is located at --

PNG in the News

The Sydney Morning Herald has reported that a man has been stabbed to death along the Kokoda Trail. The attack happened on Saturday when a group of six youths from Popondetta, on the north-eastern side of the Owen Stanley Range, were walking west along the track. see
-- -- for full story -- see also --

Pirates attack boat in Milne Bay waters. A 28ft work boat, owned by Brian Giuda, with passengers and cargo aboard was headed for Alotau after leaving Mabawoia station in the Esa'ala area of Milne Bay when it was attacked by pirates. See -- -- for full story. -- -- also reports on the issue.

Radio Australia, has reported that some of the airports in PNG are operating illegally under new international rules. See -- -- for full story from Radio Australia. See also --

Marijuana is being sold and smoked openly beside the Mt Hagen traffic police office opposite the main Enga bus-stop. Peddlars stand beside the fence in front of the traffic police office selling the drugs to users who often stand there ... For full story please see the following link --

Tell you where I'd rather be right now. ....... And there was a Compo Claim, A bride Price and a Pig Killing ... tsk tsk. So its good ol Boroko Market who sees me off to the game on the box with a loose cigarette and a dose of beteljuice ... --

PNG launches crackdown on illegal immigrants --

Sepik River --

Contraband Smuggling

"We need more men and latest technology must be installed at ports like Madang, Wewak, Lae, Port Moresby and others to keep check on everything that comes into the country. See -- -- for full story

Commander Farewelled

A platoon from Wewak's IRPIR Delta Company spent four months recently and was replaced by Tongan army. Another platoon from Murray Barracks will replace the ... See -- -- for full story

First days PNG

I'm at the moment in Wewak, tomorrow we'll leave for Aitape. Until now the trip has been good. Long boring flights between Dusseldorff, Bangkok and Sydney, and beautiful short flights in Australia and PNG. see -- -- for full story

News Items

PNG News Feed

News Feed - for some of the latest headlines from around the world visit the PNG Gossip newsletter RSS News Feed located at -- -- At the moment this uses Yahoo and Google but it seems they pick up on the same news stories so there is not much difference between the two feeds and some of the links remain on the feed for days at a time.

Tolukuma Gold Mine

It has been reported that Emperor Mines, a unit of South African gold miner DRDGOLD plans to divest itself of the Tolukuma Gold Mine in PNG. Tolukuma was acquired by Emperor from DRDGOLD in April 2006, together with a 20 per cent stake in the Porgera gold mine, but Emperor now say Tolukuma does not fit with its newly developed strategy for future plans. Emperor's assets comprise the 100 per cent interest in Tolukuma, an earn-in interest in the Tujuh Bukit gold and copper project in Indonesia and cash resources of some $70 million. DRDGOLD, South Africa's fourth largest gold producer, owns 78.72 percent of Emperor.

Lihir Gold Mine

The Lihir Gold Mine is back to normal after a strike by workers. Normal production runs have resumed at the mine following industrial action by workers in late August. The company has said that production for 2007 would be at the lower end of a previously estimated 800,000 to 830,00 ounces as a result of the interruption. It has been estimated the eight-day strike sliced about 18,400 ounces of gold from output of the mine, based on production estimates for the second half of 2007.

ANZ Banking

The ANZ bank has launched a new service called "beam net" in Wewak. The service is already available in Madang, Goroka, Port Moresby and Kokopo. Beam Net is a state-of-the-art system, which will make banking easier, more secure and efficient. The system uses web-based technology which is part of the bank's effort to improve services to its customers. An additional security feature of the new system is that customers can now have their photos taken thus providing a second means of identification when their accounts are accessed.

PNG Customs

PNG customs urge overhaul of country's ports. Mr Ode says ports like Madang, Wewak, Lae, Port Moresby need an upgrade in
technology to keep a check on everything that comes into the country. See -- -- for further details.

World Cup

Aussies on call for PNG clash -- -- Australian Prime Minister's XIII coach Mal Meninga says this year's clash with PNG at Lloyd Robson Oval represents a huge opportunity for players to begin pushing for World Cup berths in 2008.

Bougainville Story

A story based on real-life events that Jones heard about as a journalist when he was investigating the war between the PNG government and island rebels seeking independence has been nominated for the shortlist stage of the 2007 Man Booker prize. The book written by Lloyd Jones called Mister Pip is his seventh novel which has been described as haunting and morally complex. --

Chinese Assistance

Chinese President Hu Jintao has assured PNG Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare that China will continue to offer economic and technological assistance to the country. President Hu says PNG continues to be an investment destination for Chinese firms with trade between the two nations totalling 500 million US dollars last year.

Field Hockey

New Zealand's men team created a new world record by destroying the PNG side 39 goals to 0 in the Oceania field hockey Olympic qualifying tournament. This broke the record set 24 hours before by Australia's Kookaburras 35 to nil defeat of PNG.

The PNG women's field hockey team, the Tamioks, gained some international experience but unfortunately had no answers when competing against the likes of Olympic champions Australian Hockeyroos and the New Zealand Black Sticks. Australia beat the fledgling PNG team 35 to 0 in a world record win . In another match New Zealand managed to belt 25 goals past the PNG goalie. New Zealand Coach Kevin Towns rated the performance a big step up from recent matches even though the Black Sticks barely raised a sweat. The Tamioks received silver at the recent SP games behind Fiji.

The president of PNG Hockey says they're not dwelling on the heavy, world record setting losses endured at the Oceania Cup in Queensland.

Crocodile Hunter

Jacob Kaambak is a crocodile hunter. Not, you understand, a crocodile hunter in the mould of the late Australian Steve Irwin, who wrestled with reptiles and put them in a zoo. Kaambak prefers to slip up behind a crocodile in his dugout canoe and stab it between the shoulder blades with his iron-tipped spear. "Then I cut its head off with an axe to kill it." See -- -- for full story.

Defence Board Enquiry

For those who haven't already downloaded a copy of the "Moti Report" by the Defence Board of Enquiry the relevant link is --

In PNG, the Moti affair has been referred to as "Motigate" as it has been compared with America's Watergate scandal. Moti is wanted to face charges he raped a 13-year-old girl in Vanuatu in 1997.

Somare Urged To Step Aside

The opposition has called for Prime Minister Michael Somare to step aside following his failed bid to quash a report into the Julian Moti affair. The Opposition Leader, Mekere Morauta, has said Somare's attempt to suppress the inquiry's findings on the controversial Australian lawyer's escape from justice was a "complete disgrace". The Defence Board Enquiry report, mentioned above, recommends Somare and other officials be charged for arranging a PNG military flight for Moti from Port Moresby to the Solomon Islands last October despite an Australian extradition request for him to face child sex charges.

You are being watched! --

If it isn't already too late should Grand Chief, Sir Michael Somare retire gracefully? --

Data Nets Expands

Data Nets Ltd has announced that they now have an 80% share in NEC (PNG) Ltd, the country's leading PABX (private automatic branch exchange) and telephone products supplier. NEC has contracts with major Government and corporate entities in the country. Data Nets itself is a nationally-owned company with the majority of shares owned by the National Superannuation Fund (Nasfund). Data Nets is a leading supplier of data communications solutions including broadband and wireless internet services through its local point of presence in nine towns around the country. The company is also involved in E-commerce solutions, having the first internet-based payment gateway in the Pacific.

Standard & Poor's Rating

Standard & Poor's Ratings Services have upgraded Papua New Guinea's long-term foreign currency rating to 'B+' with a stable outlook, citing the improvement in the country's fiscal and external balance sheets and in its political environment. The rating agency also raised PNG's long-term local currency rating to 'BB-'. However, the rating agency said the quality of public services remains poor, notwithstanding an improvement in the government's fiscal balances.

Personalised Stamps

The PNG Philatelic Bureau run by Post PNG is offering PNG's first personalised stamps. Personalised stamps allows the printing of a photograph, logo or message on the tab of the stamp. The tab is the same size as the existing stamps and each tab is attached to a valid stamp. The personalised stamps are being issued in denominations of 85t, K3.00, K3.35 and K5.35. They are also offering a personalised souvenir sheetlet of K1.00 (12 stamps on a sheet). For more information tel: 300 3745 fax: 323 3045 or try visiting the websit4e at --

Coming Events

Hiri Moale Festival, Port Moresby - National Capital District -- 13th to 17th of September

The Tourism Promotion Authority has the following to say about the popular annual Hiri Moale Festival.

It will be held at Ela Beach in Port Moresby and organisers say the event, which depicts the historical significance of the Hiri trade between the Motuan people and their Gulf neighbours to the west, will be bigger and better this year. As in the past, the symbol of the Hiri Moale Festivals today remains the giant double-hull Lakatois (canoes) which plied these waters risking many lives over many months to trade clay pots for sago from the west. Today, the Lakatois (sometimes spelt lagatois) are sailed into Ela Beach by certain chosen villages accompanied by singing and dancing. A highlight of the Hiri Moale Festival is the Hiri Hanenamo or Hiri Queen quest. (Thanks to Kevin Lock from Fremantle in Australia for correcting the mistake in this item - In recent issues it was stated that the Hiri Trade was to trade fish for food from the west this was not correct. As i understand it and I agree with Kevin the Hiri Trade was the trade of clay pots for sago from the Gulf area of PNG) - That will teach me for quoting directly from the PNG Tourism Promotion Authority. I appreciate all the help I can get in correcting mistakes, etc in the newsletter.

PNG 30th Independence Day Celebrations -- 16th September

Goroka Show -- 16th to the 18th of September

National Cultural Commission Arts and Crafts Exhibition, Port Moresby -- from the 26th to the 28th of October

Morobe Show, Lae -- 27th to 28th of October

The Milne Bay Canoe and Kundu (drum) festival is to be held in November from the 2nd to the 4th.

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