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Neo Melanesian

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Pipel People
wanpilai playmate
polis police
polisman policeman
politisen politician
armi army
pikinini baby
baman barman
kapten captain
masta / bos boss
man man
meri woman
masta white man
missus white woman

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News Items

Air Services Tender

John Cappelletti from Air Services PNG has called for tenders for the supply of Air Navigation equipment parts. The Tender Document may be obtained at the PNG Sir Services Corporate Office, First Level Domestic Terminal, Jackson Airport, Port Moresby or by contacting Xavier Areni on +675 324 4817, fax - +675 325 1941, email In any communication you are advised to quote the tender number - ASL_ISS 002/4.27.00. Tender closes on the 28th of November at 10:00 am PNG time. A non refundable deposit of K100 is required to obtain the documents.

Rotting Vessel

The MV Danaya, purchased last year by the Fly River provincial government, is rotting away in Port Moresby Harbour. The vessel, which was purchased for more around K2.75 million to ferry passengers, has been grounded because the National Maritime Safety Authority say it is unseaworthy. The vessel was named after the province's governor Dr Bob Danaya. It is estimated that at least K1 million is needed to bring the vessel to a seaworthy condition.

Mount Hagen Fire

The Western highlands provincial government headquarters in Mt Hagen has been destroyed by fire. The firemen in Mt Hagen could do little to stop the fire at Kapal Haus due to a lack of water. According to eye witnesses the fire started on the top floor of the building which houses the offices of the governor and administrator. Many believe arson may be behind the blaze.

Lark Force

A group of trekkers has successfully completed the Lark Force Wilderness Track (LFWT). The trekkers consisting of a television crew from Australia were treated to a feast of Baining culture at the Mesubato Cultural Show at Karlai, East New Britain, on the completion of the 59 kilometre walk.

Highway Condition

Many highways around PNG have been allowed to deteriorate well below an acceptable level even streets in towns have become little more than mountain goat tracks. The Magi Highway in Central province is no exception. It has recently been described as a threat to the communities that depend on it. The community has grown many vegetables, such as tomatoes, kaukaus, yams, taro, bananas and pineapples, suitable for sale at the markets in Port Moresby but the road condition makes it very difficult for this to happen.

Coffee Curriculum

The Governor-General Sir Paulias Matane has recently launched the first PNG Coffee Curriculum in Goroka, an initiative of the Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC). The coffee industry is currently experiencing a decline in production (from 1.2 million bags to 800,000 bags per annum) and is facing the threat of coffee green pests and the imminent coffee berry borer threat as well as adverse weather patterns caused by climate change and people's negative attitude towards farming.

Sir Paulias said agricultural colleges and universities taught generalised courses in perennial crop production, with a few offering specialised courses in coffee, cocoa, copra, rubber, oil palm and industry specifics but there appears to be no industry-driven curriculum in schools and institutions.

Teachers Wanted

The Catholic Archdiocese of Port Moresby has advertised for several teaching position ranging from Principal downwards. For further information contact Catholic Archdiocese Port Moresby, Education Board, PO Box 1032, Boroko NCD, Papua New Guinea - Fax +675 6731 - Applications closing 7th November at 4pm.

Canine Deployment

More police dogs will be deployed to the provinces next year. They will be sent to Sandaun, Milne Bay and Western province to help detect drug trafficking. Dog units will also be reopened at Oro and West New Britain provinces and Kainantu in the Eastern Highlands.

Direct KL Service

Air Niugini has advertised a fare of K2,100 for its Port Moresby to Kuala Lumpur service. It is unclear whether this is a one way or a return fare from the advertising seen in the Post Courier.

Air Niugini has also suspended flights to Girua airport. The airport that serves Oro province and the provincial capital of Popondetta is considered to be in poor condition due to cracks in the runway. There is also an outstanding K6 million compensation claim from landowners. Air Niugini is the only airline to have scheduled passenger services to the airport. Other airlines will operate charter flights to the airport as and when required.

Schedule 107: effective Sunday 26th October 2008 to Saturday 28th March 2009 --

Airlines PNG

Airlines PNG have advertised double daily flights to Lae, double daily flights to Cairns, Additional domestic routes and additional international routes all coming soon. Don't forget the first Pacific Blue / Airlines PNG - Brisbane to Port Moresby and return flights will commence early November. --

Lord's Prayer

Here is one version of the Lord's Prayer in Tok Pisin. There are other versions.

Papa bilong mipela
yu stap long heven.
Mekim nem bilong yu i kamap bikpela.
Mekim kingdom bilong yu i kam.
Strongim mipela long bihainim laik bilong yu long graun,
olsem ol i bihainim long heven.
Givim mipela kaikai inap long tude.
Pogivim rong bilong mipela,
olsem mipela i pogivim ol arapela i mekim rong long mipela.
Sambai long mipela long taim bilong traim.
Na rausim olgeta samting nogut long mipela.

Kandep Clash

A clash at Kandep in Enga province has left three people dead and 20 houses and properties worth thousands of kina destroyed. Several people were wounded while an unknown number of pigs were killed during the fight between the Ai and Londenge clans.

UniTech Problems

The University of Technology in Lae has had to impose a curfew following the death of a student in a fight between students celebrating after examinations. The dead man is believed to have been a first year student from Goroka in the Eastern Highlands province. He was stabbed to death and three others were injured during a drunken brawl between Highlands and Sepik students.

Goroka Airport

Tight security by Night Owl Security Services (NOSS) at Goroka airport has resulted in the confiscation of marijuana (cannabis). This has stopped it from being flown to Port Moresby. The tightening of security means that other routes will be used to transport illegal drugs to the National Capital.

Rugby World Cup

The English team outscored PNG six tries to four to take out the opening match of the 13th Rugby League World Cup played last night (25th October 2008) in Townsville, Australia. The final score was England 32 PNG 22. England had to overcome a great first half by PNG with PNG scoring on the stroke of half time to go in front for the first time going into half time 16 - 12 up.

Sporting Violence

A soccer linesman stabbed in the neck by disgruntled fans during the aborted grand final between Maclaren and Souths United says he will not quit. Renkin Siro, a father of two, says he was just happy to survive the stabbing. He says he wants to become a FIFA referee describing the incident as an occupational hazard in PNG.

Snooker Titles

The 2009 Oceania Snooker and Billiards titles will be held in Port Moresby from the 20th through to the 29th of March next year. Players from Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and other Pacific Islands are expected to attend. The Bank South Pacific has committed K100,000 towards the running of the event.

Rugby League

The suburban rugby league season for the National Capital and Central province has been launched. It was supposed to have been launched by the Governor of the National Capital District, Powes Parkop but he arrived 3 hours late so the acting City Manager, Honk Kiap stood in for the Governor.

Tari Hospital

After being neglected for 15 years hospital services at Tari in the Southern Highlands have now been restored. Until recently the sick have had little to gain from the hospital other than to rely on the survival of the fittest to get better. For many years the hospital has been without doctors and patients were transported to Mt Hagen or in an extreme emergency via plane to Paiam hospital at the Porgera gold mine for treatment. Doctors without Borders have reopened the operating theatre and assisted in creating a new emergency section at the hospital.

Shop Prices

Going through some old newsletters and adding some from hard disk to the web site I came across a couple that had typical pricing for store bought goods in Port Moresby so i thought I would add some here for 2008.

Tablelands 250g Margarine - K3.20
BBQ Sausages and Saveloys - K6.95 per kilo
Zenag 55gram eggs - K7.95

Outside the normal daily shopping Ela Motors have the following prices advertised for 4 stroke Yamaha outboard motors -

15hp - K 8,n429
25hp - K11,398
50hp - K21,995
150hp - K38,135
200hp - K44,310
225hp - K48,620

Above prices include GST.

Daltron are offering Sony DSCC730 digital cameras for K569 and an 8GB Kingston flash drive for K189.

Boroko Motors have advertised a Mitsubishi Outlander GLS 4WD 2.4 litre V6 MIVEC engine for K125,990 drive away and a Triton GLS 4WD "Sportero" 2.5 litre turbo diesel utility for K79,990

The cost of rental accommodation very much depends on location. location, location. A four bedroom house in the Islander village is listed as being K4,000 per week and a one bedroom unit at the same location is listed as being K2,500 per week. A bed-sitter at six-mile is listed as K330 per week.

Coming Events

26th October - new Air Niugini schedule released. All passengers requested to contact Air Niugini to confirm bookings due to alteration of schedule. --

3rd National Arts and Craft Exhibition 26th to 28th of October in Port Moresby, National Capital District. See --

Pink Ribbon Day -- 27th October 2008

Sprint Triathlon -- 1st of November at Ela Beach, Port Moresby.

Milne Bay Canoe Festival -- -- always held during the first weekend in November.

International Conference on Deep-Sea Mine Tailings Placement (DSTP): Madang Resort between the 4th and 7th of November, 2008.

The Greatest Adventure Challenge - Coast to coast challenge. Bike ride, walk, bike ride. Buna to Port Moresby via the Kokoda Track from the 6th to the 14th of November 2008.

2008 Kokoda Reunion Dinner - Friday, 7 November 2008 - Parliament House, Macquarie Street, Sydney.

Hiri Moale Festival -- Lagatoi builders at Porebada village, Central Province are racing against time to build replicas of their traditional ocean-going Motuan canoes for next month's Hiri Moale Festival in Port Moresby. This year the festival is set for the 7th to the 9th of November instead of around the usual Independence Day.

Anti Corruption Day - 9th December 2008

Inaugural Madang Golf Classic February 2009 sponsored by Airlines of PNG.

34th Games Fishing Association PNG National Game Fishing Titles - Madang - from the 3rd of April to 13th of April 2009.

Arafura Games - 9 to 17th of May 2009 --

Oceania Snooker and Billiards titles in Port Moresby from the 20th to the 29th of March, 2009

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