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Mystery Sex Scandal Man

Western Highlands Governor Father Robert Lak, who is allegedly involved in the sex tape, has surrendered to police for questioning.

Michael Nali

Recently sacked Deputy Prime Minister has said he is a wounded animal and would keep the Prime Minister on his toes.

Jerry Singirok

The reappointment of Jerry Singirok as Commander of the PNG Defence Force has been describe as a disregard for the national Constitution and the law of Papua New Guinea by Michael Nali.


A nationwide strike is planned for this week by five unions. Telecommunications, banking, jail, airlines and even mining operations may grind to a halt if the respective authorities fail to respond. If you don't receive a newsletter in the next couple of weeks then fear the worst.


It is now the 13th week after the Aitape Tsunami Tragedy and people are still talking about delivery of aid. How long will it take before the aid flows smoothly to the people who need it the most?

Trade Fair

The seventh PNG-Made Trade Fair is on again. More than 40 companies have shown an interest this year.

PNG Kumuls

The Kumuls thrashed the Tongan team 54-12 in the recent 50th anniversary Winfield Challenge to become outright undefeated winners of the trophy.


An international tribunal has ruled that the PNG Govternment must pay the $US18 million to Sandline.

Port Moresby Water

The PNG Post Courier -- http://www.postcourier.com.pg -- has an article on the quality of water in Port Moresby. Apparently people are complaining of itchiness after taking showers.



The Westpac Bank in Kainantu, Eastern Highlands Province will close at the end of the month. This is mainly due to the high operating costs associated with banking in a high crime rate area.


A combined Defence Force and police operation in Manus saw a peaceful closure of the World Sea Kayaking Titles. The Titles went very well and only received moderate publicity here in PNG.

Pious Wingti

Bill Skate says he is "looking forward" to his next meeting with his predecessor after recent talks in Mt Hagen.

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