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Please do not rely on the information contained in the newsletter it may be out of date / inaccurate or simply not 100% true. This may be even more so for the older editions of the newsletters. Many links have disappeared and can no longer be found. Please take time to read the disclaimer page.

If you base your opinion solely on what you see in the PNG Gossip Newsletter then there is very little hope for you. :-)

The Newsletter is produced occassionally and is based on snippets of info from PNG. Some of it will only be relevant if you have lived in PNG.  Other items are of general interest.

To understand the Newsletter you will need to know that the currency used in Papua New Guinea is the Kina. It would be helpful if you knew the approx exchange rate of the Kina to your local country otherwise money figures sometimes used in the Newsletter will be meaningless,

I have added a page which tries to give the latest Cabinet Members. Due to the almost ever changing nature of PNG politics this list could be purely gossip in a matter of days.

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