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Remember that this mailing list is mainly meant for people who have an interest and already know a little bit about the people and geography of Papua New Guinea. The PNG Kina, which is mentioned from time to time, is currently worth about 39 to 41 United States cents but varies on a daily basis.

For those who are not so familiar with the geography of Papua New Guinea I suggest taking a look http://maps.google.com

Also remember that the accuracy of the information in this newsletter should not be relied upon - it is, after all, a gossip newsletter.

If a longer URL in this newsletter appears to be broken, please manually cut and then paste the link into your browser.

Ela Beach Hotel
The Ela Beach Hotel or perhaps known to others as the Davara Hotel has a website located at http://www.elabeachhotel.com.pg. Seeing that it is a hotel it has a links page worth visiting for any drinker http://www.elabeachhotel.com.pg/orbit/links.htm - The site is still under construction. Aren't all websites??!

Lae International Hotel
The hotel has a web site located at http://www.laehotel.com.pg

Cabinet Reshuffle
The Prime Minister has performed a cabinet reshuffle due to a possible conflict of interest by the Minister for Provincial and Local Level Government Affairs who has recently had to call for an investigation into the running of his own provinces provincial government.

Morobe TB Program
The Morobe Province has been selected as the lead implementer for the Direct Observation Treatment Short Course in a bid to fight the countries biggest killer disease, TB or Tuberculosis.

Stuck Ship
The 4000 tonne bulk log carrier, which recently ran aground near the entrance to the Port Moresby's Basilisk Passage, has finally been refloated. The ship is currently at the Motukea slipway waiting for repairs to be carried out. Repair work to the hull of the ship will start as soon as the ship is placed in the dry dock.

Male Chauvinists
At a recent World Population day function the Education Minister, Dr John Waiko, has said that men in PNG tend to be really male chauvinist pigs and he really thinks that most men have to recognise the calibre, intellect and resourcefulness of PNG women.

Air Niugini
As rumoured in a recent Gossip - the Air Niugini Board has sacked the managing Director Andrew Ogil.

On a different note both Air Niugini and MBA Airlines of PNG have been granted clearance to fly into Australia for the next 12 months. This covers the very critical period of the Olympic Games.

A few of the phones have been cut at Air Niugini head office over a delay in PX paying the phone bill. It appears that PX owe Telikom K400,000 but Telikom owe PX K600,000 so now Telikom has found that its executives can no longer fly Air Niugini. Hopefully the bean counters will realise that K600,000 is slightly more than K400,000 and reconnect the phones again.

Four people, who hijacked an aircraft in Morobe Province in January 10, 1998, have been convicted to long jail terms with the longest being 27 years.

Plastic K10 Notes
The Bank of PNG has released polymer K10 notes. This is the third plastic note to be released. (K2 was issued for the 1991 South Pacific Games and K50 was issued in June 1999)

Correctional Institutions
The headquarters staff of the Correctional Institutions might be relocated to the Deloitte Tower as soon as the Century 21 Real Estate Company receives a cheque.

Summer Institute of Linguistics
After 14 years in PNG the Fast family have left New Ireland and flown home to Canada. The family has helped to translate the Bible into the Tungang language of New Hanover.

Expo 2000
The Prime Minister, Sir Mekere Morauta, has announced that PNG will participate in the 2000 Exposition in Hanover, the capital of Lower Saxony in Germany. The South Pacific regional exhibition will open in October although the expo runs from the 1st of June to the end of October.

Parliament Adjournment
The much talked about adjournment of parliament has been backed by the Advance PNG Party lead by John Pundari. The adjournment should ensure that the present government would be free of no-confidence motions until the next national elections.

Miss PNG Quest
The Courts Superstore entrant in the Miss PNG Quest, Ephreddie Jubilee, recently raised K23,000 in a single night of various fundraising activities at the Hamamas Hotel in Rabaul. More than 300 people paid K50 a ticket for the fundraising dinner dance.

Madang Province and Town
The Governor of Madang, Jim Kas, is once again in trouble with the legal system. This time it is alleged that he was at the wheel of a vehicle, which ran off the road and crashed killing one of the occupants. Normally peaceful Madang has been cordoned off to stop the unnecessary movement of people from the deceased province into Madang town.

The kin of the dead man have been promised K30,000 in compensation by the Madang Acting Administrator, however, no fixed amount has been decided on by the immediate family at this stage.

The trade of illegal butterflies between PNG and Canada has been smashed with the recent appearance of a Canadian in a Quebec court.

With the Census in progress some people around the country are still unsure what it means. Hopefully they will still be counted.

Rabbit Project
The Salvation Army's Agriculture Development Program in the Eastern Highlands Province has been receiving very good results following the introduction of a small-scale animal husbandry program. The main emphasis has been on rabbits that, apart from providing food, have found a niche for rabbit fur.

Highlands Roads
A loan of US$63 million has been made available by the Asian Development Bank to help restore the roads in the highland provinces. The road project will also be funded by the National Government and the five various Highland Governments over a five year period

Eastern Highlands
The people of the Auyana district in the Eastern Highlands have constructed a 30 km road using their bare hands.

Singing Troupe
38 Salvation Army members have left PNG to attend the church's International Congress, which is being held I Atlanta. The group will perform traditional PNG songs during the congress.

PNG Defence Force
Once again the PNG Defence Force has run out of food due to an inability to pay suppliers for goods supplied to the Igam Barracks outside Lae, Morobe Province.

PNGBC Helicopter Robbery
The inquest into the robbery dubbed as the millennium robbery has been told, quite unsurprisingly, that one of the robbers was killed by police gunfire.

Rabaul School of Nursing
A push is being made by the Islands Governors Council to reopen the Rabaul School of Nursing that was based at Nonga before the 1994 volcanic eruptions.

PNG Waterboard
The Waterboard has declared an interim dividend of K250,000. The Waterboard is responsible for the supply of water to all main towns outside Port Moresby.

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