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Some of you may have received some unwanted e-mail from a person called David here is his response. Lets hope that no one else ever does the same thing!

I apologise for the receipt of the e-mail. My son, who was responsible for it, won't be doing it again.


Computer Companies in PNG

The first four are Internet Service Providers
Daltron - http://www.daltron.com.pg
Data Nets - http://www.online.net.pg
Datec - http://www.datec.com.pg
Global Technologies - http://www.global.net.pg

Each of the above purchase Internet access off Tiare - http://www.tiare.net.pg

Some other dealers who might not host Internet access still have some unbeatable prices.
Able Computing - http://www.able.com.pg
HT PNG (formerly High Tech Industries) -- http://www.hightech.com.pg/

Road Safety

It is estimated that road accidents are costing PNG approximately K60 million a year. Figures available from the police for 1998 show that there were 4466 accidents recorded for that year. The National Capital recorded 1547 of these accidents of which 36 were fatal whilst 502 people sustained injuries.

Old Jackson's Airport

The Office of Civil Aviation has called for tenders t lease the old Jackson's Terminal for the purpose of a common user commuter and airline charter operation.

Milne Bay

The Governor of Milne Bay has once again been ousted by a vote of the Milne Bay provincial assembly. This time the vote went 14 - 4. this is the fourth the office has changed hands recently.


The National Population Census is well underway with many problems surfacing in the actual count. Horror stories have been heard of whole teams not doing any census taking at all. Other teams have seen the supervisor having to step in and do all the work. It is hoped that accurate figures are obtained but it is doubtful whether it will be finished by the due date.

George Telek

George Telek is ready to showcase his music in Europe this month. Telek will perform in various music festivals to promote his new CD which features 16 songs in Kuanua, Tok Pisin and English. Kuanua is the language of the Tolai community.

PNG Independence

Wan Kantri by the Barike band has been chosen as the theme song for PNG's 25th Independence Anniversary. The National Events Council chose the song which fits in well with the theme of the 25th anniversary of "Walking Together, Wokabout Wantaim and Raka Hebou". The song will be re-recorded by the Barike band along with George Telek.

Goroka Show

The Goroka Show is set to go over the PNG Independence weekend. (Sept 15 - 17). The show committee says the Eastern Highlands Show is not just a show for the Eastern Highlands rather it is a show for all of PNG.

Organisers of the first women's cultural show in Goroka are optimistic that the show will be successful this weekend. (22 - 23 July)

Tourism Workshop

The Tourism Promotion Authority (TPA - http://www.pngtourism.org.pg) has just finished the National Tourism Conference in Madang by presenting awards to 12 recipients for their untiring efforts in helping to promote PNG as a tourist destination. Awards were presented to:-

Name Company or Location
Kerry Byrd USA (TPA and Air Niugini)
Rudiger Knospe Frankfurt (TPA and Air Niugini)
Meli Paivu Paivu Tours
Cathy McCarthy Travel Corp of USA
Peter Clark Rain Forest Habitat
Maxwell Benjamin PNG Dive Association
John Rei TPA
Betty and Ken Higgins Kegisugl near Mount Wilhelm
Bob Martin Air Niugini
Wolfgang Schotzer Marco Polo Reisen - Germany
Maggie and Keith Wilson Haus Poroman in Mount Hagen
Kenzo Shimada Japan (TPA and Air Niugini)

Geoff MacLaughlin was elected by a kangaroo court into the position of President of the PNG Travel Industry Association.

Another recently workshop on tourism has criticised the national and provincial government authorities for only paying lip service to the industry. Workshop participants highlighted the government's total lack of understanding and support that, they claim, had contributed to the lack of growth in the industry.


It is reported that the tourism industry earned K200 million for PNG last year and it is hoped that this can be increased to K800 million in the near future. It was also reported that in 1998 65,000 tourists came to PNG with the number increasing by about 2000 in 1999. A target has been set of 100,000 visitors by the year 2008. According to the Minister for Culture and Tourism before this can be reached many things need to be changed including the attitudes of security guards and airline staff at many of the airports within PNG.

Being a frequent traveller both domestically and internationally I'm afraid that I would have to agree and it is hoped that I would get better treatment than the average traveller.


A tribal group in the Sinasina / Yongomugl district of the Chimbu province has resorted to making a start in establishing an eco-tourism project. The aim of the project is to preserve the flora and fauna of the region for future generations. It is also aimed at attracting tourists in a bid to generate revenue.


Is Bougainville on the road to recovery? If agriculture has anything to do with the equation then it would appear that this could be a possibility. Prior to the conflict the 1,488 hectare Numanuma cocoa and coconut plantation was the largest in the southern hemisphere. Cocoa and copra production on the island is increasing and with the increase in copra prices the outlook is good, however, much restoration work will needed for a long time to come before a full recovery can be declared. AusAid is currently working on the main Bougainville island trunk road so that poor road conditions and high transportation costs will hopefully become a thing of the past.

East New Britain

The East New Britain provincial assembly has asked for an increase of between K150 and K200 for rural wage earners and between K200 and K300 for urban workers. This is due to the fact that the minimum wage of K22.96 per week can not support a single person let alone a family.

National Provident Fund

The NPF has managed to reduce its debt from K154 million to K35 million in the last 12 months. The NPF came very close to being placed in receivership but with the drastic reduction in debt the cash flow is now positive and the fund is in a much stronger position.

It has also been reported to the commission of enquiry that consultants hired by the NPF were paid hefty bonuses despite advise to the opposite by the Salaries and Commissions Monitoring Committee.


The soldiers involved in the mutinous incident during the Sandline crisis in 1997 have been sent to jail. The three soldier received sentences of between six and eight years. The sentencing judge said "A message should go out to all members of the Defence force and any other disciplinary force that such behaviour and blatant breach of the law will not be tolerated and is totally unacceptable". Many people believe they deserve a medal for preventing overseas mercenaries from storming Bougainville even though they did commit a crime.


A former Australian Junior Socceroo has joined local team Kula in the division one Port Moresby Soccer competition. Meanwhile the Orogen cup, for the school boys soccer competition, has been placed on hold with it possibly being played on the Independence weekend.

Air Niugini

It is now rumoured that Air Niugini maybe one of the first companies to be sold off by the government under the privatisation program. The airline has been allowed to run down and is so far in debt that now is the right time for some enterprising person to buy the airline.

The National carrier is continually looking at the suspension of flights to strife torn Honiara. At the moment they are suspended until further notice.


A regular contributor has advised that he has heard from several different sources that many other organisations owe Telikom heaps of money as well. (re: Air Niugini last issue). You'd think that with privatisation so imminent that the government would be attempting to inflate the price of the companies for sale or is there a secret agenda to run them into the ground and then buy then cheaply?

Here is his contribution.
Interesting about Air Niugini phone bill, I understand that the CIS owe in excess of K300,000 and also the PNGDF owe the same amount to Telikom. Both these bits of info heard the other day from good authority (separate)

Would you like to buy Telikom with those sort of debits owing !!!

Wet Season

The wet season must well and truly be ended now as the firebugs are out in force lighting the rapidly drying grass and other vegetation.


Hopefully this will be the last generation of PNG people who will suffer from the disease, known as Elephantiasis or "big leg" which is an ugly and painful swelling of the ankles, legs and other extremities. It is caused by parasite called filaria that is transmitted by malaria carrying mosquito. For the sake of a two toea dose of drugs the filarial can be removed from the blood stream and kept at bay for months despite being bitten by more mosquitoes.


These are some of the prices you would expect to pay for food items in Port Moresby.
1 litre Paul's UHT Milk - K1.99
2 litres of fresh milk - K6.55
1 Kilogram of red apples - K3.65
1 Kilogram of onions - K1.99
1 Kilogram of Barracuda fillets K5.99
10 kilogram TruKai rice - K15.50
1 Kilogram of Ramu Sugar - K2.19
These are for advertised specials.


Links to visit.

Blue Sea Charters - http://www.blueseacharters.com

Some photos of Papua New Guinea can be found at http://www.worlddive.com/phgal/png/pngpix.htm

MV Chertan Dive Boat - http://www.chertan.com

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Post Courier




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