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Neo Melanesian

"Pidgin English"
Tok Pisin English
rausim / autim get rid of / throw away
rausim / troimweim throw away
rausim bel / kilim pikinini long bel abort / have abortion
rot road / street
rot way / choice
rot bilong blut circulatory system
sampela several / some
samting thing
sanwis sandwich
sap / sappela sharp
skel weigh
skelim share out
skelim weigh out
skelim / lusim slacken



Remember that this mailing list is mainly meant for people who have an interest and already know a little bit about the people and geography of Papua New Guinea. The PNG Kina, which is mentioned from time to time in this newsletter, is currently worth around 29.5 - 30 United States cents but varies on a daily basis.

If you are really keen on finding out what the Kina is worth a currency converter for most world currencies can be located at http://www.michie.net/pnginfo/moni.html

Want to find out more about Papua New Guinea? Try searching at http://www.michie.net/pnginfo and http://www.michie.net/png_faqs. The PNG Business and Tourism Directory located at http://www.pngbd.com is also an excellent place to look for PNG information.

For those who are not so familiar with the geography of Papua New Guinea I suggest taking a look http://maps.expedia.com and then click on the find a map option. Go to this link for a quick start to a link to a map of Port Moresby. http://www.michie.net/pnginfo/pom-map.html

Also remember that the accuracy of the information in this newsletter should not be relied upon - it is, after all, a gossip newsletter.


http://www.duncalfes.com/pngscn.htm -- Duncalfes Online photographs of PNG.
http://www.toowrite.com/comp6/0861.shtml -- This is the link to a "Too Write" essay based around the Tambul Nebilyer electorate of PNG.
http://ukarumpa.org/ukarumpa_times/Default.htm -- Ukarumpa Times
http://www.birdlife.net/species -- Search this site for species of birds threatened in PNG.
http://www.vso.org.uk/png/culture.pdf -- PNG Culture
http://www.em.com.pg -- Eco Tourism Melanesia
http://www.aalpas.com.pg -- Austral Asia Line Project Asia Service.
http://www.newguineapacificline.com -- New Guinea Pacific Line
http://www.steamships.com.pg -- Steamships Shipping Agencies

Are Pterosaurs Still Living

This web site is advertising a video about the sightings of ROPEN's in PNG -- http://www.laattorneyvideo.com/nonlegal/pterosaurs/ropen/ -- As surprising as it may seem to some people, the best explanation for these sightings is that at least one type of pterosaur (aka pterodactyl) still lives on some of the islands of Papua New Guinea.

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Superannuation Funds

The Association of Superannuation Funds PNG (ASFPNG) has a website located at -- http://www.asfpng.org.pg -- ASFPNG is an industry body established in 2002 by interested industry participants with the common goal to protect superannuants retirement savings within a regulated environment whilst fostering a competitive industry.


News Items

Next Newsletter

The first newsletter, in July, may be delayed by a day or more depending on travel commitments. Sometimes I have been able to juggle work and family commitments around the newsletter and other times I have not. Lets see if the next newsletter is one of those times.


Port Moresby has had more than 24 hours of almost non-stop rain. It started raining at about 5pm on Thursday and as this newsletter is being finalised at 8pm Friday it is still raining in the city. Solar hot water heaters have not had a chance to heat up and the ever-present Port Moresby potholes are getting deeper and deeper.


Weightlifter, Dika Toua, has re-written the record books in the 53Kg division. Toua, competing in a test event, set a new Oceania Senior and Junior record in the snatch. She managed to lift 78.5 Kg beating the previous record held by Seen Lee of Australia by half a kilogram. She managed to break her own record of 100 Kg in the clean and jerk by 2.5 kilogram. Her total weight lifted was 180 Kg. Her previous record of 175 Kg equalled the Oceania record held by Natasha Barker of Australia set at the Manchester Commonwealth Games.

Car Info Request

A person in Australia is attempting to fill in some missing details about the history of a car he is restoring.

The car, only 1 of 60 exported from the United Kingdom, was originally a white 1968 MGC GT. In its lifetime it has been repainted light brown and was red at the time of purchase. It has been determined that the car was originally shipped to PNG from the factory. Does anyone know anything about this car? If you do have any information then please send it to -- Steve Gaal at PO Box 51, Clarinda Victoria 3169, Australia.

Horse Racing Machines

The banned horse racing gaming machines seem to be having trouble dying. A group calling itself Operation Rausim Horse Racing Machine is on a campaign to get rid of the machines. The legality of the machines has been in question and National Court Judge, Cathy Davani handed down a decision saying they were illegal but an appeal to the Supreme court had Judge Salamo Injia saying that the decision to have the machines destroyed without any recompense appeared to be an error on the face of the record. Whatever the case some machines are still in use although they have been moved away from the public eye.

Post Courier

The Post Courier newspaper has started delivering five copies of its paper to jails where the company has charters for delivery of the paper. This means that prisoners at Buimo in Lae, Keravat in East New Britain, Bihute in Goroka and Baisu in Mt Hagen will now be able to read the papers and keep abreast of current events whilst serving time.

Jails in PNG

The following is a list of some of the prisons in operating in PNG supplied by Uve.

-   Bomana in Port Moresby, NCD also for Central
-   Buimo in Lae, Morobe Province
-   Baisu in Mt. Hagen, Western Highlands Province
-   Keravat in Rabaul, East New Britain Province
-   Bui-Iebi in Mendi, Southern Highlands Province
-   Bihute in Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province
-   Biru in Popondetta, Oro Province
-   Bundaira in Kainantu, Eastern highlands Province
-   Boram in Wewak, East Sepik Province,
-   Vanimo in Vanimo, West Sandaun province
-   Daru in Daru, Western Province
-   Ningerum in Kiunga, Western Province,
-   Beon in Madang, Madang Province
-   Barawagi in Kundiawa, Simbu province
-   Giligili in Alotau Milne Bay Province
-   Hawa in Tari, Southern Highlands Province
-   Wabag in Wabag, Enga Province
-   Lakiemata in Kimbe, West New Britain Province
-   Kavieng in Kavieng, New Ireland Province
-   Manus in Lorengau, Manus Province

Oro Jail

Two prisoners have died and four more are in Popondetta Hospital following a typhoid outbreak at Biru Jail. It is believed that as many as 40 prisoners were affected but only eight were admitted to hospital following an inspection by health officials. Only six of the eight prisoners had typhoid.

Aviation Rumour

It has been rumoured that an airline based in PNG has been hit with a compensation claim because its aircraft fly over a community school at least twice a day and possibly four times. The school is claiming that the students are affected by noise pollution. An investigation has revealed that the school, in the highlands, is situated next to the main highway and has a coffee mill across the road. The airline has donated a few books to the school. The question that I think has to be asked is "is this the way that students are being brought up these days?" I suppose you could always say that the school is giving them a good grounding in claiming compensation for services that surely are bringing good things to and from the province. Of course I get woken every morning when the planes start taking off in Moresby. Maybe the whole of Moresby could claim compensation from all the airlines for sleep deprivation! Air Niugini, in particular, seems to test its noisy F28 engines for hours at a time at all hours of the day and night.

Operation Open Heart

Australia has once again dug deep and helped to find K400,000 for Operation Open Heart at the Port Moresby General Hospital. The money will be used for the project as well as help to buy essential medical equipment for the hospital for use during the operations scheduled for August. About 20 health professionals have been travelling to PNG every year since 1993. During their two-week stay they have usually been able to perform around 35 life saving open-heart operations.

Witchcraft Deaths

Police in Tabubil have charged four people for double wilful murder and in the process uncovered a secret witchcraft society that they suspect of being behind some bizarre murders in the town over recent years. Police evidence allegedly suggests that in two separate cases the four murdered and then extracted organs from the body. The four will be charged under the Criminal Code and not the Sorcery Act.

PNG Defaults On Debts

PNG has defaulted on paying several necessary world association dues recently. As an example it has failed to pay the International Coffee Organisation so its right to vote has been suspended until the money is paid. The country has received reminders in October 2003 and March 2004. The country has also failed to pay fees due to the World Trade Organisation in Geneva and the Commonwealth Secretariat based in London.

Telikom PNG

The acting Managing Director of PNG has been accused of approving a K9 million deal with the Israel based Gilat Satellite Network Company. The project that has called into question the integrity of the company concerned would see the upgrading of the Gerehu Satellite Earth Station and the building of 500 satellite earth stations around PNG. Alarm bells have been ringing for ages over this project that will cost the country so much money but it would appear that no one in authority has heard them.


The National Court in Lae has had to suspend all cases until the fifth of July due to a shortage of judges to hear the cases.

Bullet Proof Vests

Police are reviewing the case of an Asian man caught in the possession of two bullet proof vests, two hand grenades, a number of 7.62 mm ammunition and a number of 5.66 mm ammunition. Police, performing a routine vehicle check, found the goods in his car.

New Britain Palm Oil

New Britain Palm Oil Limited has hinted that it will make a big before tax profit of K125 million this year. The company is hoping that it will be able to make up to one million tonnes of palm oil this year.

Air Niugini

Air Niugini is almost ready to return the borrowed Regional Jet (RJ70) to National Jet Systems in Australia and take on board a hired Fokker F100 until its own Fokker F100 is ready. Cabin crew have been trained on the Fokker and have been ready for several weeks. Because the plane is being leased from Australia the cabin crew have had to pass a "Responsible Serving of Alcohol" course conducted at a Technical and Further Education College in Australia. It appears that the Air Niugini F100 is not yet ready so a Fokker from Alliance will be used. The Fokker will be used to do all flights from Cairns to Port Moresby and also used on some of the Port Moresby to Lae flights.

Governor General

It is hoped that Sir Paulias Matane will be sworn in as Governor General after the court case by losing candidate Sir Pato Kakaraya was thrown out by the Supreme Court. The tentative date for the swearing in ceremony has been set for the 29th of June and the Cabinet Secretary has already left the country to have a meeting with Buckingham Palace and secure the Queen's approval of the appointment.

Gun Survey

The Australian Government through AusAID is funding a survey of firearms in PNG. This is the second time that a small arms survey has been funded by Australia in recent times. The first survey was carried out by a non-government organisation based in Geneva.

National Library

The National Library, an independence gift from Australia, is suffering and is in dire need of some tender loving care. The library houses the PNG Collection a very valuable collection of items about PNG. The air conditioning units in the library and the separate ones for the PNG Collection have not work correctly for many years meaning that the historical archives, including valuable film footage of early PNG, is in grave danger of being lost for ever. Not only are there problems with the air-conditioning but also the building is thought to have had a design defect allowing water to damage the eaves and leave large gaping holes behind. This has meant that the schoolbook warehouse section of the library is often flooded.

Holiday Travel

Teachers who normally have to wait for tickets to be prepared and sent out to them for annual leave travel will now be able to make their own travel plans. The move aims to minimise the problems associated in the past with the leave tickets of teachers. Each teacher will now receive cash into his or her accounts at the end of each year. Rather than having one centralised group doing this laborious task each teacher will now have to arrange his or her own travel. For teachers in remote areas this may mean more of an inconvenience than the previous scheme especially if their accounts are miles from where they are working.

Garden City

A regular reader mentions the following about smoking at Garden City in Port Moresby. It proves that it can be done if an effort is made to police the issue.

Once again I believe it is all down to education coupled with supervision; you may or may not be aware that in Garden City we outlawed smoking on 3 of our 5 levels (car park and ground floor being the only areas permitted now). I am not saying this is 100% foolproof BUT we have been able, with close monitoring, to ensure that the majority of smoking is permitted ONLY on those areas mentioned.
End Quote

Forensic Policing

A recent tour of Queensland State Police headquarters in Brisbane, Australia by the Internal Security Minister has highlighted the fact that PNG does not have any real high technology forensic policing ability. This lack is hindering the fight against crime in PNG. The visit to Queensland has prompted the PNG Government to explore ways of improving the plight of the Royal PNG Constabulary's crime investigation techniques.

Hospital Water Bill

The Port Moresby General Hospital owes over K1.7 million to Eda Ranu the provider of water in Port Moresby. The bill has been allowed to build up over several years and the hospital is making attempts to reduce the amount of money owing.

Port Moresby Hospital

The Port Moresby General Hospital has received medical equipment and supplies from the Port Moresby Rotary Club. The equipment and supplies was donated by the Rotary Club in Geelong, Victoria, Australia and included an ultrasound machine, X-Ray equipment and a maternity bed. The donation also included K200,000 worth of surgical gloves, drainage tubes, theatre gear, 33 parcels of sheets, pillowcases and blankets and other assorted items to be used by the Operation Open Heart program.

Pirate Attack

It would appear that pirates are operating in PNG waters as close to Port Moresby as the Port Moresby Harbour. An expatriate man accompanied by his children was harassed by them recently. The family was followed by a black painted dinghy as they motored back to the Royal Papua Yacht Club and it is believed that the pirate vessel fired a shot at the boat of the fleeing family. It has been suggested that the black boat may have also been used in the hold up of the Ela Beach Liquor Barn recently and the attempted theft of a tender from a vessel in the harbour.

Recovered Firearm

A firearm stolen from a security guard during a recent break and enter at the National Forestry Authority office has been recovered with the help of community leaders and peace and good order committee members from Morata and Six Mile. The weapon was handed over to the community leaders via a second party as the suspects fear for their lives and are still in hiding. Other attempted boat related robberies have been reported recently in the Moresby area.


Former Deputy Prime Minister and Member of Parliament, Michael Nali has been charged with misappropriation. A leadership tribunal has found him guilty of misappropriating K50,000, receiving K610,000 in electoral funds and depositing them into own private bank account from which he paid out over K400,000 in unverifiable cash payments. The fraud squad has charged him with the misappropriation of the K50,000.

Bougainville Constitution

The third draft of the Constitution for Bougainville is almost ready to be started. Sir James Frazer, a constitutional draftsman, is in Bougainville to finalise the second draft and start work on the first working draft of the third draft.

Hiri Hanenamo Quest

The Hiri Hanenamo Quest, usually associated with the running of the Hiri Moale Festival, has received a donation from politician Bill Skate. The amount of K3,000 was handed over at the launch of the quest held at Pari Village just outside Port Moresby. Traditionally the Hiri Hanenamo Motuan beauties would dress in colourful bilas to receive their brothers, uncles, cousins and fathers as they returned from the long Hiri trading trip to the Gulf region on lagatoi canoes.

Koiari Tarata

The Secretary of the Treasury Department, Koiari Tarata, has died in Brisbane on the 23rd of June. Mr. Tarata had flown out to Brisbane on the 3rd of June with his wife for a medical review of a kidney problem. The Prime Minister, who is in Maputo, Mozambique, has sent his condolences to the family. Mr tarata was at the centre of an uproar by the Parliamentary Public Account Committee when it was found that the government had paid his medical bills from Treasury Department money. His signature appears on the newer currency notes in circulation around PNG.

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