PNG Gossip Newsletter - 6 November 2006

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Welcome to the



Neo Melanesian

"Pidgin English"

Tok Pisin English
Qantas (airline)
banisim enclose / fence in
bek back (again)
bekbun backbone
bun bone
bekim tok reply
bet bed
bia beer
bik big
biktaun city
taun town
bisket biscuit
blut blood
bun nating thin
bun i bruk fracture / broken bone
bruk broken
brukim break
brukim ai wink
brukim lo break the law
lo law
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Melanesian Institute -- PO Box 571, Goroka Eastern Highlands Province

Police Brutality

There are often reports of police brutality within PNG that appear in the local papers. The following are a sample of overseas news agencies picking up on the abuses.

Orion PNG expedition

Te passenger ship Orion often cruises through PNG waters. Here a re a couple of reports about the cruises.


Some 35 years ago Phil Charley ran the radio broadcasting station in Madang --

Tourism Web Sites -- Madang Tourism Web Site -- Morobe Tourism site -- Milne Bay Tourism Site -- Main Government Tourism Site -- Papua New Guinea Tourism and Business Directory -- East New Britain Tourism Promotion Web Site -- West New Britain Tourism Promotion Web Site


A few but not all web sites dealing with beautiful Alotau in Milne Bay Province. -- Alotau Dive and Tours.

Goroka Grammar School

The Goroka Grammar School started in January 2001 with four teachers and 60 students. It now has 18 teachers and over 200 students. It has a web site at --

Education Web Site

PNG Education Institute -- (new)

Ela Murray International School --

Goroka Grammar -- (new)

Institute of Banking and Business Management --

Institute of Business Studies --

International Business Institute --

International Education Agency --

Korobosea and Boroko East School --

Pacific Training Academy --

PNG Basic Education Development Program (BEDP) --

PNG Curriculum Reform Implementation Project --

PNG International Training Institute --

PNG Maritime College --

PNG University of Technology (Lae) --

POM Institute of Matriculation Studies --

Tabubil International Education Agency School --

The International School of Lae --

University of Goroka, Eastern Highlands --

University of PNG --

News Items

PNG Kina Online

The PNG Kina is now online. Thanks to the efforts of Steve Mobbs from the Westpac Bank PNG and Sundar Ramamurthy from DataNets PNG the PNG Kina now has an internet banking gateway. The first item to go on sale was the GSM mobile phone top cards. The move paves the way for the National Airline of PNG, Air Niugini, to open its online booking engine. It is believed this is only weeks away as final testing is being made to ensure not only the security of the passenger's credit card details but the actual travel details as well are as secure or better than any other web site in the world.

Environmentally Friendly Shipping

The MV Milne Bay is capable of using bio-diesel for the delivery of passengers and freight around the maritime provinces of PNG. A recent trip from Kimbe saw the vessel using 100 per cent palm oil from New Britain Palm Oil to power the engines. It is thought that this is the first time that a ship in PNG, especially one the size of the MV Milne Bay, has used 100 per cent bio-fuel. It is estimated that the ship normally uses about K500,000 of fuel for a complete voyage and using bio-fuel it will only cost K300,000 for the same trip. Apart from cost an added advantage of using bio-fuel is if there are any leaks in the fuel system the leaking fuel will be more environmentally friendly than diesel.

MV Milne Bay

The executives of the MV Milne Bay have claimed that people are being bribed to hinder the operation of the boat. The executives have cancelled the service until next week, saying they could not effectively operate with the treatment given to them by harbour masters at Lae and Kimbe and the National Maritime Safety Authority. It has been claimed that faceless men, branded as foreigners, are handing out brown packets of money to PNG people within the system to do their dirty work and force the company to fold up and go.

The ship was made to wait while smaller vessels were unloaded and refuelled at both ports.


The Governor of the Eastern Highlands, Malcolm Smith-Kela, has said that about 1,000 new HIV/AIDS cases are recorded at the Goroka Base Hospital, Eastern Highlands province, every month. The frightening statistics were revealed to Grade 12 students of Aiyura National High School at the school's 30th annual graduation recently. Mr Smith-Kela said "We get between 800 and 1,000 reported cases at the Goroka Base Hospital every month, but there are more unreported cases out there." The governor said that "our country would be wiped out in 70 years if we do not address the HIV/AIDS epidemic".

Telikom Mobile Service

Telikom PNG has increased its mobile base to 120,000. This is up from 50,000 at the start of the year. The Telikom Chairman, Gerea Aopi, has said that the company has spent K36 million so far this year upgrading the service and a further K24 million will be committed to the end of the year.

Telikom Competition

Sole telephone provider in the country, Telikom PNG, is reading itself for stiff competition when two more mobile telephone providers will enter the country next year. Telikom PNG sees the competition as representing both a threat and an opportunity for the company.

Miss Coffee

Miss PNG contestant Miss Coffee Industry Corporation -- Genevieve Roberts has raised K11,000 towards her contribution for the contest at a fundraiser held at the Kumul Lodge in Enga province. She also managed to raise K500 by selling a bilum dress made in Engan colours at the function. Tickets to the function were sold off at K100 per head.

PNG Web Hosting

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Vice Regal Embarrassment

The National Capital District Commission (NCDC) chairman, Wari Vele, has caused embarrassment to the Governor General by initially refusing to sign an employment contract for the City Manager, Peter Loko, that had just been signed by the Vice Regal after being given the go ahead by the National Executive Council. Mr Vele only signed the document after the Governor General's official secretary stepped in to avert a potential crisis urging Mr Vele to sign as it had already been signed by the Head the State.

To add to the saga Peter Loko has now resigned. Some people have said it is because he has been forced to. Peter has been offered an executive job with Telikom PNG and is apparently happy to be free of the politics at City Hall (NCDC)

Aussie Advisory

Once again the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade's Smartraveller has updated its web page dealing with travel to PNG. Please visit the page for the latest information about PNG from and Australian perspective. -- and -- -- and -- html://

The Australian Government has urged Aussies to exercise a high degree of caution when visiting PNG because of the high level of serious crime in this latest bulletin. Of course these warnings can be considered similar to ones issued by other governments about being cautious in Australia because of shark attacks when swimming. Not every swimmer is going to be attacked by a shark but it is a darn good idea to be wary and perhaps over cautious when swimming to avoid problems.

Mosquito Nets

A Lae firm, Hornibrooks NGI, has given mosquito nets to its workers to help stop malaria. All firms around the country are acutely aware of how much productivity is lost each year to malaria. The company gave away more than 300 family size treated nets to workers to help raise awareness about malaria. Rotary Against Malaria provides treated mosquito nets around the country. The official Rotary Against Malaria (PNG) Website -- -- It has been widely publicised that worldwide everyday over 3,000 people die of malaria and thousands more are affected. Reducing the number of people getting malaria will also relieve the strain on the already stretched facilities at health centres around Lae and the country.

Miss Red Cross PNG

The following ladies are contesting the Miss PNG Quest. The traditional segment of the quest is being held at the Port Moresby Country Club on the 19th of November.

Miss Coffee Industry Corporation -- Genevieve Roberts - Bougainville

Miss Remington -- Kathy Hamadi - West Papua / East New Britain

Miss Datec -- Tanya Samuel - Central

Miss Freeway Motors -- Irene Romel - Bougainville

Self Sponsored -- Alice Wama - East New Britain / Gulf

Miss Institute of Business Studies -- Theresa Lulopo - Bougainville / Gulf

Miss Central Marine Centre -- Martha Nion - Manus / Central

Rouna Power

PNG Power has signed a K90 million contract with Australian electrical company VA Tech Hydro to carry out rehabilitation work at the Rouna 2 hydro power station. The project will see the upgrading, refurbishing and replacement of existing facilities and equipment at the Rouna 2 station to effect greater quality and reliability of the electrically supply to the residents of Port Moresby. Much of the equipment at Rouna is nearing 40 years old and due to the age the electrical capacity / output has been steadily reducing over the years. The overall project is worth K120 million and will be funded internally by PNG Power.


How much money can tourism bring in to PNG? The Tourism Promotion Authority has estimated that by the year 2010 tourism could earn the country as much as K1.1 billion increasing to K1.78 billion by 2015 if a proposed tourism development plan is adopted by the government now.

Beasts Of Burden

At a recently held Rural Development seminar held by Ramu Sugar it was stated that PNG was one of the worst users of human resources especially women as beasts of burden. Life in the rural sector of PNG has been described as hard with many people having to carry heavy burdens of firewood, food, water, children and sick relatives over bush tracks not accessible to motor vehicles. This in turns affects the health of the people bearing the burden.

Tanget Export

Three groups of women in the Eastern Highlands have successfully exported tanget leaves (cordyline), cut flowers and ferns to Australia. The export of the PNG leaves, ferns and flowers was made possible with the assistance of a Port Moresby based florist company called Exotic Blooms. Exotic Blooms have been working with the Department of Agriculture and Livestock in supporting the Eastern Highlands women in their flower growing project for the last three years. The women are hopeful that they will be able to continue shipments to Melbourne and explore other markets such as Japan and European countries.

Coming Events

Miss PNG Red Cross Traditional Judging. -- The judging of the Miss Traditional segment of the Miss PNG Red Cross Charity Quest 2006 will be held on the 19th of November at the Port Moresby Country Club from 1pm to 6pm.

The 2006 Miss PNG Red Cross Charity Quest Crowning Ball is being held on the 2nd of December at the Crowne Plaza downtown Port Moresby from 7pm.

32nd Gaming Fishing Association of PNG titles will be held from the 7th to the 16th of April, 2007

Do you have an event that you want advertised? Send email to -- PNGNews[@]

PNG Media

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