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Neo Melanesian

"Pidgin English"

wan one
tu two
tri three
foa four
five /faiv five
sikis six
seven seven
et eight
nain nine
ten ten
wanpela ten wan eleven
wanpela ten tu twelve
wanpela ten tri thirteen
tupela ten twenty
tupela ten wan 21
tripela ten thirty one
fiftifaiv fifty-five
wan handet 100
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Remember that this mailing list is meant (mainly) for people who have an interest and already know a little bit about the people and geography of Papua New Guinea. The PNG Kina, which is mentioned from time to time in this newsletter, is currently worth around 30.5 - 31.0 United States cents but varies on a daily basis.

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Sorry this page has been corrupted.

I am searching through the back up CD's to find an original copy.



** Samarai Reunion **

My name is Sue Timmins and I worked for Steamships on Samarai Island
from 1973 to 1981. They were some of the best years of my life.

There will be a reunion of Samarai Wantoks to be held in Cairns,
Australia from the 28th to the 31st of July 2006.

Visit my web site for more details --

Another website about Samarai can be found at --


** Kokoda Trail Map **

Charlie Lynn of Adventure Kokoda Pty Ltd in Australia is offering an
800 x 300 mm map of the Kokoda Trail for sale at AUD$149.50
including GST and postage within Australia for the poster size map.
You can order the map online from his web site located at --


** Mahonia Na Dari **

Mahonia Na Dari - Guardian of the Sea - Kimbe Bay, West New
Britain. Understanding and conserving the Natural Environment of
Kimbe Bay and Papua New Guinea for the benefit of present and future
generations. --


** CyberMasta Sites **

Here are a few of the web sites constructed by CyberMasta:-

SP Brewery --

Coral Sea Hotels --


PNG Orchids --

South Pacific Motor Sports Club --

Rocky Roe --

CyberMasta Web Design has prepared all the above sites. CyberMasta
has developed many PNG related sites. It is worthwhile visiting the
web site to see some of the other ones --


** Miscellaneous Sites **

Port Moresby Stock Exchange --

National Capital District Commission --

Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce and Industry --

South Pacific Motor Sports Club --

Rocky Roe --

National Research Institute --

Institute of Medical Research --


** PNG Forests **

Troubling report on PNG forests -- -- (Thanks Thomas
for the link)


** South Pacific Exports **

If you need that hard to get part for your electrical /
communications gear or even a special tool send email to Peter
Goleby at < > - he might just be able to help
you out or at least point you in the right direction. Peter claims
he will attempt to get anything legal for you so long as he can add
a small amount to cover his own costs.


** Newspapers **

For the latest news about PNG visit the Post Courier web site at -- -- or the National Newspaper web site
at -- -- both offer up-to-date news
about PNG. If you want to catch up on news it is also good to
visit -- -- The PNG Business and Tourism web


** Pacific Magazine Links **

The following links about PNG are from the Pacific Magazine web site

Police Chief confirms U-Vistract recruiting

Fijians warned of Musingku's tricks


** Taklam Lodge and Tours **

Taklam Lodge and Tours, was originally located in Rabaul but was
relocated to Kokopo after the twin volcanic eruptions destroyed
Rabaul in 1994. They commenced operations in 1990 offering a home
away from home service for people visiting East New Britain. A web
site is located at --


** PNG View **

A view of PNG From The National newspaper --


News Items

** Japanese Kites **

The Japanese embassy has recently hosted a five-day kite exhibition
in Port Moresby. The exhibition was held to help the people of PNG
develop a deeper understanding of the Japanese people and culture.
In modern times people in Japan fly kites to express their courage
and enthusiasm by trying to knock their opponents' kites down but in
the past warriors used big kites with fierce drawings over enemy
territory to show strength and have the advantage of surprise.


** Earth Quake **

News Link --
id=36354 -- A magnitude 5.9 earthquake shook the New Ireland region
northeast of Port Moresby recently.


** Commonwealth Games **

Mae Koime was given the honour of carrying the PNG flag during the
opening ceremony held yesterday the 15th of March 2006.

Athletics Squad - Women
- Mae Koime - 100m and 200m and flag carrier
- Toea Wisil - 200m and 400m
- Salome Dell - 800m and 1500m
- Maria Kaupa
- Cecilia Kumalalamene - 400m
- Coach - Naomi Polum

Athletics Squad - Men
- Anton Lui - 100m
- Wally Kirika - 100m
- Henry Ben - 100m
- Andrew Doonar - 100m and 200m
- Fabian Niulai - 200m and 400m
- Mowen Boino - 400m and 400m hurdles
- Sapolai Yao - 3,000m steeplechase
- Manager - Sean Synott
- Coach - Lloid Way

- Jack Willie
- Paul Lare
- Chavis Kora
- Vincent Kora
- Rickson Yamo
- John Korake
- Officials John Avira, Lohial Nuau, Steven Tsivele

Lawn Bowls - Men
- Kiliwi Nabo
- Pelik Sapul
- Joseph Taso
- Kila Vuiraka
- Peter Juni
- Lucas Roika
- Namuin Nadu
- Manager Mike Caruthers

- Naluge Guy
- Eli Webb
- Official Imong Brooksbank

Swimming - Men
- Ryan Pini

Swimming - Women
- Anna Liza Mopio-Jane
- Nicole Elsworth
- Judith Meauri
- Manager Sarena Pini
- Coach Elizabeth Wells

Weightlifting - Men
- Joe Namuno
- Leo Kivave
- Coach Douglas Mea
- Manager Toua Lou

Weightlifting - Women
- Kathleen Hare
- Dika Toua
- Rita Kari
- Manager Riku Miria

Elite Athletes with Disabilities
- Athletics - Francis Kompaun
- P/Lifting - Kupini Lewa and Rex Larry
- Coach Albert Sirupa
- Official Sophie Tuna


** Pipeline Borrowing **

Australian Gas Light (AGL) is currently borrowing money to help
build the gas pipeline from PNG to Australia. AGL and Petroliam
Nasional, or Petronas, need up to AUD$6.1 billion to build part of a
pipeline from PNG to Australia. Petronas and AGL each own half of a
venture that will build and own the Australian section of the 4000-
kilometre pipeline.


** Accused Ministers **

Sir Michael Somare currently has four of his Cabinet Ministers
facing misconduct in office charges and he says it is their
prerogative if they wish to set aside or not as in his eyes they are
innocent until proven guilty. Currently Sir Moi Avei - Deputy Prime
Minister and Minister for Petroleum, Puka Temu - Lands Minster,
Arthur Somare - Planning Minister and Melchoir Pep - Health Minister
are all facing charges. The only Minister to step aside is Arthur
Somare the Prime Minister's son.


** Condoms **

The Government has asked the churches and all faith organisations to
forget about their religious and moral biases and start endorsing
the 100 percent use of condoms to help stop the spread of HIV/AIDS
in the country. Churches have not given total support to the call.
The Catholic Archbishop of Port Moresby, Sir Brian Barnes, has said
that the call was rather insensitive to say not to worry about
religion biases. Sir Brian has said that the issue was not one of
condom use but rather one of the behaviour of human beings.
Anglican Bishop of Port Moresby, Peter Fox, has said that the use of
condoms was a matter of freedom of choice.

Air Niugini has just moved their Cairns, Australia office. The old
office is tipped to become a condom shop so it is good to see Air
Niugini helping out.


** Illegal Workers **

The Labour and Industrial Relations Secretary has said that he
cannot put a figure on the number of illegal foreign workers in the
country. He continued by stating that 45 foreign workers have been
blacklisted and the Labour and Industrial Relations Department is
working hard to have them deported.


** Flooding **

Many parts of the country are suffering from damage caused by heavy
rain. In parts of Gulf Province the floodwaters are receding but
leaving a trail of mud, slush and debris behind. The flooding
Laloki River just outside Port Moresby has destroyed houses and food
gardens. Many domestic animals have been washed away by the
floodwater. A man was washed away at Bluff Inn Hotel in Central
province but another man rescued him. Many rooms at the hotel were
so far underwater that refrigerators and TV sets were floating
around in the rooms.


** Cement Roads **

A recent article on cement roads in Lae has brought this
contribution to the newsletter from Alec.

I can't help commenting on the Lae cement roads item. I was a
lecturer in Civil Engineering at Lae Tech in the 70s, National Works
boss in Rabaul in the 80's/90s and built cement stabilised and
concrete roads / freeways with NSW Main Roads and SMEC thereafter.

People often confuse cement (the dry powder) with concrete (made
from cement, crushed rock and water). Cement stabilised roads are
those in which the gravel material beneath the road surface is
stabilised (made stronger) by spreading and mixing in cement (or
lime) powder, before sealing the road surface (usually bitumen and
sealing chip). Concrete roads are built by pouring concrete. They
are normally designed to last 40 years. Others with more time will
no doubt be more technical.

So are the Lae roads cement stabilised or concrete? Maybe I should
visit and find out.


Can anyone answer Alec's question??


** Mobile Phone Tender **

A mobile telephone tender has been called for two new companies to
compete with Pacific Mobile Communications. Tender documents cost
K200,000 and only K100,000 of that is refunded to an unsuccessful
tenderer. The company that nearly bought out Telikom PNG, Econet,
is bidding for the set-up of the new companies. Their original bid
for Telikom made extensive use of mobile communications to expand
the existing network quickly and efficiently.


** AIDS Fight **

Read an article at Medindia Net about the fight against AIDS in PNG -


** Internet **

Telikom PNG has recently completed testing of expanded Internet
capacity into and out of the country. Internet subscribers had a
brief flirt with the increased capacity until it was turned off
again to allow it to be officially opened by Grand Chief, Sir
Michael Somare. The incoming bandwidth has been increased to 16


** Emergency Road Funding **

It has been estimated that as much as K9 million is needed to fund
the rehabilitation of roads and bridges damaged by flooding and
landslides around the country. The Secretary for Works has warned
that this figure will increase as more roads and bridges are
expected to be damaged and as more reports filter through about
existing damage. Roads in the Highlands have also been allocated
K60 million as separate funding in this years budget. The weather
bureau has predicted that the wet season may extend to June this
year a far cry from the very short wet seasons in previous years.


** Fuel **

Moresby recently ran out of fuel and now towns along the Highlands
Highway are running dry due to the main highway from Lae being cut.
It has been rumoured that drivers of tankers stranded along the
highway have had to sell fuel to buy food and other necessities as
their employer have not given them allowances while they wait for
the road to be fixed. Officials of one fuel hauling company have
been reported as saying they will deal with any driver that is
caught selling fuel to unauthorised customers.

Locals at Avani near Henganofi. Eastern Highlands province have
also looted a fuel tanker that ran off the road. There were no
casualties but the accident created an opportunity for nearby
villagers to loot the truck of diesel. The villagers used any
container that they could find including buckets and bottles of
various shapes and sizes to drain off the fuel. Many vehicles
travelling along the highway benefited by the sale of cheap diesel.
It is believed that a two-litre container was selling for K4.00 and
20-litre container was selling for between K20.00 to K30.00.


** University Of Technology **

Male students turning up to attend the University of Technology are
finding that there are not enough rooms and beds to go around. Many
students have had to find alternative sleeping quarters and some
have slept out in the open. New students especially are unfamiliar
with the running of the University and do not know who to push to
get accommodation. It has been reported that there is a 12 percent
drop in the umber of students attending the University this year so
it is perplexing to find that rooms are not available.


** Goroka University Graduation **

The ninth University of Goroka graduation ceremony will be held on
the 22nd of March at the Dr Mark Solon Auditorium. 585 trainee
teachers will receive masters, bachelors, diplomas and certificates
at the ceremony. The event will be split into two ceremonies, on
will start at 8:30am and the other at 1:30pm. Justice Cathi Davani
will be the guest of honour at the graduation.


** Madang MP **

The Madang MP and Governor, James Yali sentenced to a 12 year jail
sentence for raping a young girl, his sister-in-law, has been
enjoying several trips to Madang town much to the disgust of law
abiding residents. It would seem that the MP is getting
preferential treatment from the Correctional Services Officers. On
a recent trip to town the MP visited the doctor and managed to see
many of his supporters at the surgery after the doctor had gone to

The Correctional Services Commissioner, Richard Sikani, has said
that Mr Yali will now be transferred to Bihute Jail in the Eastern
Highlands Province to try and avoid some of the issues with
relatives and supporters meeting Mr Yali while he is attending the
doctors etc.


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