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ai eye
aiglas spectacles
aipas blind
banis ribs
banis fence
banis wall
bel belly
bel i pas constipated
belhevi regret
belisi calm (person)
bratasusa brothers and sisters
bratasusa siblings
han arm / hand
han bilong pisin wing
han bilong siot sleeve
pas stuck
pas / leta letter

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News Items

Vale George Constantinou

Criminals have murdered Sir George Constantinou, the 75 year old founder of Hebou Group of companies at Gerehu on Tuesday the 16th of November. Sir George had been to visit one of his timber yards when he was waylaid by around 7 young men near the controversial Tete settlement at Gerehu. Police issued an ultimatum to the settlers either they hand over the 7 or so suspects or move out as it is understood the Tete settlement occupies State owned land. It is also believed to be a breeding ground for some of the criminal element in the National Capital. Sir George is known for building an empire comprising construction, road building and hotels and apartments in the country.

More than 600 people, including Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare, have attended the funeral of slain businessman Sir George Constantinou OBE in Brisbane. --

Tete Settlement Flattened

Blocks One and Three at Tete settlement near Gerehu have been levelled by police using a backhoe, bulldozer, chainsaws, bush knives and axes. The policeman in charge of the operation, when asked what will happen to the displaced women and children, replied with a shrug and a shake of the head.

People are asking if the displaced criminal element from theses settlements will now turn up as their neighbours.

The Ombudsman Commission has condemned the levelling of Tete settlement which left more than 100 women and children homeless.

Squatters at the Tete settlement have obtained court orders from the National Court restraining police from causing further destruction

Minimum Wage

The Government has proposed a new minimum wage of just over K100 per week. The new proposed minimum for an 88 hour fortnight will be K201.60 compared with the current amount of K74.40.

PX Boeing 767 & 757

The Air Niugini Boeing B767 was found to have an engine problem during an inspection in Hong Kong. Engineers are working to rectify the problem so the plane can be back in service to help move passengers during the busy festive season. A Boeing B757 (msn 29312 - P2-ANB previously TF-FIY) has arrived from Icelandair and is expected to be online shortly. When this happens it is believed the other B757 (TF-FII) will be returned. Air Niugini has been able to keep the schedule on track by using Fokker F100's on the Port Moresby to Brisbane service and return. Passengers even have had scheduled departures from Moresby before 4 am.

see --

Canadian Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint has produced the first coloured coin for Papua New Guinea. The technology has been used within Canada before but this is the first time for it to be used by a foreign country. The new 50 toea commemorative coin retains the dimensions and most design elements of the existing 50 toea coin except for the back, which bears the colour logo of the Bank of PNG in Red.

see --

PNG is a long-standing customer of the Royal Canadian Mint. In 2005, Papua New Guinea changed the composition of its 5, 10, and 20 Toea coins to convert to 50 million new coins to the Mint's patented multi-ply plating technology. This process, consisting of plating alternating layers of nickel, copper and nickel over a steel core, produces a very economical coin with superior finish and durability. This steel core broke most vending machines that used a magnet to detect washers and other objects.

Tolai Warwagira & Mask Festival

The Tolai Warwagira will be held from the 8th to the 14th of July 2009. The Mask Festival will be held from the 15th to 18th of July 2009. Both events will be held at Kokopo in East New Britain province.

Student Death

The Lae District Court has sent four men, charged with the murder of a student from the University of Technology to appear before the National Court in the new year. The four men, who are remanded in custody at the Buimo Jail, will appear before the national court in February.

Flood Aid

A five-member United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination (UNDAC) team has arrived in Papua New Guinea to help identify the aid needs of some 32,000 victims of severe sea swells that hit a wide area of the northern shoreline and neighbouring islands. The swells destroyed houses, food and water supplies, damaged crops and led to the loss of gardening tools.

HIV Prevention

How do you roll out an effective HIV prevention programme in Papua New Guinea (PNG) where 850 languages are spoken, cultures and sexual mores differ wildly, and much of the country is inaccessible?

see --

PNG Policing

A man suspected of controlling a group of pick pockets was detained by police the other day. The police had no room in the vehicle for him so bundled him into the boot to take him to the station for processing.

Hercules Incident

A Hercules owned by the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) has been grounded after hitting a bird during a take off at Kavieng, New Ireland province. The plane was assisting in the air lift of food and other supplies to Kavieng and Manus after the provinces were hit by abnormal tidal surges.

Manus Relocation

Provincial Administrator, Wep Kanawi, has announced plans to relocate people affected by the recent tidal surge. He has said four islands were completely submerged at the height of the surge. Provincial authorities believe the islands are now at risk of further flooding in the future.

Western Highlands

After a recount of votes from the 2007 elections Western Highlands Governor, Tom Olga, has once again come out in front of challenger Paias Wingti. Supporters of Mr Wingti have called for a by-election to be held as they claim anomalies were allegedly found during the counting.

Rio Tinto Claim Queried

A divided 9th Circuit ruled that U.S. courts might not be the right venue for Papua New Guinea residents to litigate their claims that British mining company Rio Tinto incited a savage 10-year civil war. A plurality of judges remanded the case to determine whether 'prudential exhaustion analysis' applies and, if so, whether the plaintiffs must exhaust their remedies in Papua New Guinea before proceeding in U.S. courts.

see ruling --

Multi Program DVD's

All importers and distributors had been formally advised that multi-movie DVDs and CDs have been banned due to difficulties classifying the content by the censorship office. The importation and distribution of these will cease on the 1st of January. It is believed that the majority of movies distributed in this manner have been pirated and are of very low quality. Allowing them into the country condones piracy.

Many of the pirated music and movie DVDs are smuggled across the border at the Wutung border post between Indonesia and PNG due to limited manpower on the PNG side.

Recent Exchange Rates

One PNG Kina recently could buy
US $ 0.3565
Aust $ 0.5137
NZ $ 0.6165
UK Pound Stg 0.2382
Jap Yen 31.66
Sing $ 0.5186
Euro 0.2556
HK $ 2.7557
Can $ 0.4329
Swiss fr 0.3918

Paralympian Gift

PNG's Paralympian Athlete, Francis Kompaon, has received a K250,000 gift for his silver winning performance at the games held recently in China. Kompaon came second behind Australian Heath Francis in the 100m sprint in Beijing. This was the best performance by a PNG at the Paralympics. Swimmer Ryan Pini finished in the top 8 in the world in the 50m butterfly at the Olympics.

Gurney Airport

Milne Bay has moved one step closer to becoming a direct international destination with the airport at Gurney being certified as an international airport by the PNG Civil Aviation Authority. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held recently to celebrate the event. Other international airports, apart from Jackson's in Port Moresby are Nadzab in Morobe province, Mt Hagen in the Western Highlands and Madang (Madang province). The Minister for Transport and Civil Aviation, Don Polye said Kavieng and Tokua airports will soon be certified. Mr Polye also announced that aviation company Skyworld had been granted permission to operate direct flights from Cairns, Australia to Gurney.

Coming Events

Inaugural Madang Golf Classic February 2009 sponsored by Airlines of PNG.

Symposium on Sea Turtles - to be held in Brisbane, Australia between the 17th and 19th of February 2009.

Oceania Snooker and Billiards titles in Port Moresby from the 20th to the 29th of March, 2009

34th Games Fishing Association PNG National Game Fishing Titles - Madang - from the 3rd of April to 13th of April 2009.

PNG Kickboxing Association has postponed its world title fight -- 25th April 2009

ANZAC Day - 25th April

Arafura Games - 9 to 17th of May 2009 --

The International Cricket Council (ICC) East Asia Pacific (EAP) Under 19 Cricket Trophy tournament will be held from the 1st to the 7th of June 2009

5th National Tourism Conference -- June 2009 (date to be confirmed) - to be held at Madang Resort Hotel.

Tolai Warwagira from 8 to 14 July 2009 and Mask Festival from 15 to 18 July 2009 at Kokopo East New Britain

PNG Remembrance Day - 23rd July

45th Medical Symposium - Port Moresby - sponsored by the Pacific International Hospital from the 1st to the 5th of September 2009

National Elections - June 2012

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