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Welcome to the



Neo Melanesian

"Pidgin English"

Tok Pisin English
kakao cocoa
kakaruk chicken / chook / fowl
kala colour
kalabusim lock up / imprison / shut up
kalap board (a vehicle)
kalap jump
kalap long PMV board a PMV
kalenda calendar
kam come
kam hariap come quickly
kambang lime powder
kambek / kam bek come back
kantri country (nation)
kanu canoe
karet carrot
kari curry
karim carry

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80 historic images of Rabaul (East New Britain province) from 1933 in the collection of the National Library of Australia --

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News Items

Mt Hagen Hospital

Mt Hagen General Hospital has had to close its out patients department and turn away the sick. The hospital, in the Western Highlands, has had to take drastic action after the attempted rape of a nurse over the weekend. The CEO of the hospital, Dr James Kintwa, said staff had closed the outpatient department in protest over an attack on the nurse. Kintwa added that this was not the first time such an incident had happened at the hospital.

See --

49,000 years ago

Around 49,000 years ago a study has found people who lived in PNG's Ivane Valley (in the remote highland region) were highly adaptable and at the forefront of global colonisation. A team from New Zealand, Australia and PNG has uncovered campsites buried by volcanic ash where people made stone tools, hunted small animals and gathered high energy nuts during the last ice age - the Pleistocene - 15,000 years before so-called modern humans colonised Europe.

Full story --

Western Province Vanilla

Farmers in the Middle Fly electorate of Western Province are keen to grow and maintain vanilla but more help. Over 2000 farmers are either actively involved in vanilla or showing interest in the crop.

Full story --

Moresby Car Thefts

National Capital District (NCD) police have reported that three to four vehicles are stolen every day in Port Moresby / NCD. Police report cars are being stolen from drivers at gateways to properties, at traffic lights and other areas where vehicles stop and some criminals are obtaining duplicate keys and stealing the unattended vehicle. Motorists have been warned the criminals are usually armed with firearms and other dangerous weapons. Police also warn keys could be copied when vehicles are being serviced.

Clinton to Visit

The US Embassy in Port Moresby has confirmed Secretary Clinton is expected to visit PNG in November. However, for security reasons, the embassy has not disclosed her itinerary.

Full story --

ILS a Step Closer

The K3 million instrument landing system (ILS) for Port Moresby's Jackson Airport has successfully passed its factory acceptance test in the USA by PNG Civil Aviation and Selex Systems Integration. The equipment is now in the process of being shipped to PNG installation later this year. The replacement of the exiting more than 10 year old ILS is part of the K2 billion civil aviation development investment programme.

Cult Leader Guilty

After four years cult leader Steven Tari Nangimon Garasai, known as "Black Jesus" has been found guilty of four out of six counts of rape by the National Court and will be sentenced by Justice David Cannings in Madang.

Full story --

Wabag Fish Farming

The fish farmers of Enga Province have received K400,000 from the National Fisheries Authority. There are 500 fish ponds in the province and the first 16 applicants who requested funds from the National Fishery Authority shared the funds. Agriculture and Livestock officer Pinganoma None told the farmers to use the funds to improve the ponds and expand the industry in Enga.

Bus Safety Campaign

The safety campaign competition, initiated by Motor Vehicle Insurance Limited (MVIL) in March this year, for Public Motor Vehicle (PMV) drivers has seen almost half the 3000 registered bus drivers eliminated from the campaign even though a yellow card, single warning system had been implemented. Out of the thousand or so drivers who enrolled from around Port Moresby not one made it through the campaign. To police the competition MVIL was able to equip itself with speed cameras and breath testing equipment.

The 15 winning drivers (none from Port Moresby) flew to Australia and were able to watch the recent Australian National Rugby League Grand Final in Sydney.

MVIL is the sole company responsible for PNG's insurance and registration.

See -- PNG bus drivers win NRL grand final tickets --

See also - Rugby League - PNG style --

Mobiles Fight Crime

Madang Provincial police commander Supt Anthony Wagambie Junior says the use of mobile phones by citizens and police has been an effective medium in combating crime. Wagambie said police mobile numbers were given to the public while police had informants located all over the province supplying information about armed hold-ups, break-ins and other activities directly with the police.

Beach Landing

A small, single propeller, charter plane recently made an emergency landing on a beach in Milne Bay. It is believed the five Victorian scuba divers on board are all okay and the plane is undamaged. The plane was on its way from Tufi to Alotau (Gurney Airport).

PNG's rough terrain and harsh landscape with unpredictable weather make for difficult flying conditions, but underfunding and a lack of political will have also marred PNG's aviation safety record.

See - Malum Nalu: Five Australians safe in Milne Bay -- -- and --

New Halt on Mine Waste

The owners of the Ramu nickel mine have agreed to give a legal undertaking to put a new halt on the marine waste dumping plans until a court hearing on the 15th of October. This means the construction of the marine waste dumping system is once again on hold and the court will decide on the 15th whether to extend that any further.

See --

Kandep Tribal Fight

Since 2003 around 75 people have died in tribal conflicts in the Kandep area of Enga province. Many others are nursing serious injuries using local herbal medicine due to many health centres being destroyed during the various fights. Locals want the government to declare a state of emergency in area before the 2012 National elections. It has been reported in the Post Courier that six tribal fights involving 31 council wards in the Mariant constituency have escalated into the Lower Wage and Lai constituencies.

Full report --

Arson Attempt at Gas Site

The National newspaper has reported that trucks and heavy machinery were torched by local villagers at an Exxon quarry near Kaiam in the southern Gulf province of Kikori. Energy giant ExxonMobil refused to confirm reports of the arson attack on its 15-billion-dollar gas project saying only that police were probing an unspecified incident.

ExxonMobil holds a 33.2 percent stake in the project with partners Oil Search Ltd (29 percent), the PNG government (16.6 percent), Santos Ltd (13.5 percent), Nippon Oil Corp (4.7 percent) and local landowners (2.8 percent).

Full news report --

See also - K2 billion for LNG security --

In addition - Yawari backs Agiru on LNG and stability --

Commonwealth Games

Papua New Guinea has sent 119 athletes to the 19th Commonwealth Games currently being held in Delhi, India. England has sent 124 and Australia 87. The Papua New Guinea National Olympic Committee is responsible for the country's participation in the Commonwealth Games.

Chimbu Botany Show

The Chimbu Botany Club recently received K10,000 for the staging of the third Chimbu Botany Show currently being held in Kundiawa. Over 60 environmental groups, individual, the Coffee Industry Corporation, schools, Port Moresby-based groups and other organisations are taking part in the event. The show aims to promote preservation of endangered plant and orchid species. The club is a subsidiary of Sangamanga Cultural Environmental Project (SCEP).

Coming Events

Morobe Agricultural Show - 23rd and 24th October --

PNG Kumuls vs Australia - Sydney - 24th October

Air Niugini will be celebrating its 37 years of operation on the 1st of November.

National Canoe Festival - Alotau, Milne Bay province - 5th to 7th of November

Air Niugini staff reunion will be held on Sat November the 13th, 2010 at the Rydges Oasis, Caloundra, Queensland, Australia --

Pacific Queen Quest - PNG - 21 to 27 November --

11th Mining and Petroleum Investment Conference - 6th to 8th December, 2010 - Hilton Hotel, Sydney --

Arafura Games - 7 - 14th of May 2011 --

Full Pacific Games - New Caledonia 2011

National Elections - Scheduled for June 2012

2012 PNG Games - Kokopo, East New Britain

Pacific Mini Games - Wallis and Futuna 2013

Full Pacific Games - PNG 2015 --

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