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Welcome to the



Neo Melanesian

"Pidgin English"

Tok Pisin English
waswas wash / bathe
nem name
bel belly
bel i pas constipated
belhevi regret
belisi calm (person)
tokwin rumour
aiglas spectacles
dinau borrow / debt
foto / poto / piksa photo
haus building / house / hut
haus bilong wasim klos laundry
haus kuk / hauskuk / kisen kitchen
bikpela big
bikpela man adult
kago cargo / goods / baggage
kagoboi porter

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PNG in the News

PNG villagers urge protection from rising sea --

Border closed at Vanimo? --

Mount Hagen police in PNG is on high alert --

PNG top cop to probe NZ lawyer's arrest -- -- President of PNG Law Society Kerenga Kua said the case had worrying implications.

PNG reopens Cairns consulate as relations warm --

PNG students warned after fatal brawl --

Oceania Football moves to resolve PNG dispute --

PNG LNG contract awarded --;la=1

Destruction of PNG potato industry hits economy --

PNG Blogs

Heaven in the Hermits --

Interested in seeing what is happening with the road works in Kokopo, East New Britain --

Beautiful New Guinea --

Pig Island Oddities --

Oral Storytelling in PNG --

New Bachelor Pad --

'ACE' Bulolo 2008 Ambrose won by Mapai Transport --

How's this for a bedtime story? --

Sing Sing --

PNG Travel Advice by Robert --

Misc Links

Tawali Resort --

The Milne Bay Tourism website can be found at --

Dear Webmaster,
I would like you to include two links on your gossip website. The first is our German Pacific Network --, -- the second is the Bavarian Partner Church to the ELC-PNG. -- -- The Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Bavaria.

Em tasol, kind regards from Julia in Neuendettelsau/Germany

Lonely Planets - The Kokoda Track - Do's and Don'ts --

PNG Yellow Pages is now on line --

Surfing PNG --

News Items

Help Required

"Hi my son and I are doing a history on his Grandparents (Abung and Abunga) Margaret and Ian Arnold who were ex-pats to Lae, PNG in the early 1970's 'til the mid '90's, They played active roles in swimming, Girl Guides and even ballet productions in Lae, and Swimming all over PNG. They migrated to PNG I believe when dad (Ian Noel Arnold) worked for AGI, and held down many jobs with various organizations, some include, NGI Steel, Moale Holdings, Co-Air to name some of them. Mum (Nancy Margaret Arnold) taught at Bulae Primary School for several years, and also taught swimming at Lae International Primary School. They migrated with 5 young Children, (Marian, Stephen, Damian, Bernadine and Gillian) and mum gave birth to Owen, Pauline, myself (Eoghan) and Roxine at the Angau Memorial Hospital in Lae.

We are doing a report on effects your family had on a community and as I know most people in Lae and PNG in general knew of or have dealt with my family in PNG at some time or another, and ask if anyone, could forward their stories, scanned photo's and/or newspaper clippings that have anything to do with our Family. Dad unfortunately passed away in 1996 and we were inundated with condolences from many a people that were effected by my parents contribution to the community in PNG. So please can you forward anything you have to share on our family to -- -- we also hope to maybe even post it all on line someday too"

Many Thanks
Eoghan Arnold"

Australian Aid

The Australian government has announced a new $US96 million aid program to PNG. The new program is aimed at getting people involved in the planning and implementation of community oriented projects to be funded by Australia.

Australia spends over $300 million in annual development assistance to PNG.

PNG Recipes

Recipes from Papua New Guinea... Learn to make dishes from Papua New Guinea featuring coconut, fruit, vegetables, and fish. The first group of recipes can be located at -


If you are after rice recipes then go to PNG's Favourite Rice Recipes web site at --

Pacific Blue

The joint Pacific Blue / Airlines PNG flight from Brisbane to Moresby and return has been flown successfully. Another airline, Sky Air World wants to increase competition even more by offering to run a flight from Brisbane, Cairns to Gurney (Alotau - Milne Bay) and to other tourist destinations starting next month.

see --

see also - Air Niugini has started PNG - Malaysia (KL) flights --

Pacific Pulse

If possible look out for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Pacific Pulse -- -- as it will carry stories about PNG. Pacific Pulse will be aired on the ABC's international satellite television service Australia Network and possibly on Kundu 2.

Tourism Conference

The 5th National Tourism Conference has been deferred from mid November this year to a date to be decided in June 2009 to be held at Madang Resort Hotel.

Teacher Pay Rise

Teachers throughout PNG will receive a long-awaited salary increase starting on the 5th of Dec this year after being granted a 14.1 per cent pay rise over a four-year term from 2007 to 2010.

Evening School

National Capital District Governor, Powes Parkop, has made a proposal for schools in Port Moresby to operate classes during both the morning and evening. Mr Parkop said students at primary school could attend classes in the first part of the day starting at 8am, while students in secondary schools would have their turn in the second part of the day starting at 2pm, using the same school facilities. Teaching Service Commission chairman, Michael Pearson, backed the proposal, but said the safety of students and teachers must be ensured.

Somehow I think current security problems in National Capital will be a major spanner in the works as well as the desks might be a bit small going from Grade 1 to Grade 12.


Will railway enthusiast and Teaching Service Commission chairman, Michael Pearson, get to see a railway in PNG? If the Mamose Regional Governor's conference has its way there will be a railway system set up to cater for the region. (MAdang, MOrobe and SEpik). The governors have passed a resolution to put a submission to the Government seeking financial assistance for feasibility studies to be conducted into a railway system. The proposed railway would link Lae (Morobe) and Vanimo (Sandaun) that would become the international trade link for PNG in the next 10 years. Much of that proposed route is wet throughout the year and large Ramu and Sepik rivers would have to be bridged.

see --

Transport Overhaul

The Transport, Works and Civil Aviation Minister, Don Polye, has directed that Port Moresby's public transport system must be overhauled. Mr Polye's move has the support of NCD Governor Powes Parkop, Commerce and Industry Minister Gabriel Kapris, the city's PMV association, the Road Safety Council, police and the Independent Public Business Corporation.

The directives Mr Polye issued were:
* Creation of a central point to register PMVs and taxis and issue driver's licences;
* Standardise the registration and licensing of buses and taxis around a 12-month cycle;
* Reliability and hours of operation;
* Timeliness of services;
* PMV's and taxis must complete routes;
* PMV's to pick up children and students;
* Taxis install meters and charge correct fares;
* No overloading;
* Drivers and their crew should be clean and neat;
* Safety consideration for passengers and crew; and
* Buses and taxis should be clean and comfortable.

Defective Vehicles

The National Road Safety Authority (NRSA) has come out with a startling statement - "defective vehicles a threat". I am glad they agree with every other sensible person in the country otherwise I would be worried.

The NRSA say the threats posed by unregistered vehicles, unlicensed drivers and unroadworthy vehicles was so great that NRSA officers believed commuters using the city's public transport system were doing so at great risk.

Rugby Tussle

The game of Rugby League spilled over to the two PNG television stations recently when the rights to broadcasting the Rugby League World Cup ended up in the National Court. The National Broadcasting Commission Kundu 2 had the rights but not the coverage around the country so the other station EMTV wanted to broadcast the game. The National Court refused a restraining order requested by Kundu 2 and EMTV was able to telecast the game live much to the relief of die hard fans around the country.

The Kundu 2 service currently only broadcasts in six centres around PNG.

National Development Bank

The new National Development Bank (NDB) board has revealed the bank is pursuing a number of bad borrowers for outstanding loans totalling millions of kina and if the government does not inject much-needed funds it will have to close some of its 17 branches around the country.

Wantok Radio

Wantok Radio Light is part of the PNG Christian Broadcasting Network, a non-profit Christian organisation. It broadcasts from the following FM locations

Port Moresby - 93.9 MHz (2000 watts)
Ialiabu - 105.9
Lae - 105.9
Goroka - 105.9
Rabaul - 105.9
Kainantu - 105.9
Mendi - 105.9
Wabag - 105.9
Mt. Hagen - 105.9
Wewak - 105.9

With the stations above they claim to cover 2/3rds of the population of PNG. In addition to the FM sites they also broadcasting on shortwave at 7120KHz, which covers the entire nation and is heard overseas but with the limitations of shortwave signal strength and quality.

Aussie Army Helicopters

Residents of PNG have been advised not to be afraid if they see Australian Blackhawk helicopters flying around the country. The Australians are combining training activities with the PNG Defence Force (PNGDF) as part of Exercise Helicon Luk 2008. The Australian High Commission and the Australian Defence Force (ADF) admitted that PNG residents might be concerned when they see military helicopter flying overhead without prior notification.

PNG Leadership

The Parliamentary member for Tewae / Siassi, Vincent Michaels, has said that PNG lacks true leadership. He said the quality of leadership expected by the people was not transparent and urged all leaders in churches, the government system from the MPs down to the ward councillors to serve their people in the true leadership as expected.

Port Moresby Power

A prolonged power blackout experienced in Port Moresby over the weekend was caused by a thunderstorm at Sogeri in the Central Province. Power lines were struck at Rouna 2 power station and also at the main transformer at the Bomana substation.

Sea Park

Will the Sea Park and abandoned underwater observatory be redeveloped next year? Powes Parkop, The National Capital District Governor has launched a project that should see the site redeveloped and ready for use by January. The City Council has contracted three construction companies, Home Guard Construction Ltd, Curtain Brothers and Lae Builders, to work on the redevelopment of the park at the cost of about K1 million.

Vale Ian Boden

One of PNG's longest serving journalists, Ian Boden, has died in Modilon Hospital, Madang on PNG's north coast. Most of his working life was dedicated to PNG's The National newspaper where he became associate editor and a columnist. In 2003 he took up a teaching position with Divine Word University in Madang as a journalism lecturer.

see also --

Aussie Kiaps

The work done by patrol officers or kiaps from Australia in PNG has never been formally recognised by the Australian government. Chris Viner-Smith, a former kiap, said their efforts were part of a forgotten history that was never officially recognised. Kiaps were responsible for bringing law and order to remote tribal areas of the country to make way for teachers, agricultural officers, infrastructure and health workers to go and work there for the first time. "Often the kiap was the first step towards development and modernisation, then they would administrate and other groups would follow," he said.

Travel Advisory

The Australian Government maintains travel advisories for all Australian citizens about PNG at -- -- after reading that no one would want to visit PNG! From time to time there will also be one from USA -- -- but not at the moment.

Oil Palm Project

A foreign backed oil palm project is expected to be launched in the new year in the central Kerema district of Gulf province. Over 35,000 people in the area hope to benefit from the venture, which is expected to generate 4 million US dollars over a period of 30 years or longer.

Coming Events

International Conference on Deep-Sea Mine Tailings Placement (DSTP): Madang Resort between the 4th and 7th of November, 2008.

The Greatest Adventure Challenge - Coast to coast challenge. Bike ride, walk, bike ride. Buna to Port Moresby via the Kokoda Track from the 6th to the 14th of November 2008.

2008 Kokoda Reunion Dinner - Friday, 7 November 2008 - Parliament House, Macquarie Street, Sydney.

Hiri Moale Festival -- Lagatoi builders at Porebada village, Central Province are racing against time to build replicas of their traditional ocean-going Motuan canoes for next month's Hiri Moale Festival in Port Moresby. This year the festival is set for the 7th to the 9th of November instead of around the usual Independence Day.

Anti Corruption Day - 9th December 2008

Inaugural Madang Golf Classic February 2009 sponsored by Airlines of PNG.

Oceania Snooker and Billiards titles in Port Moresby from the 20th to the 29th of March, 2009

34th Games Fishing Association PNG National Game Fishing Titles - Madang - from the 3rd of April to 13th of April 2009.

Arafura Games - 9 to 17th of May 2009 --

5th National Tourism Conference -- June 2009 (date to be confirmed) - to be held at Madang Resort Hotel.

45th Medical Symposium - Port Moresby - sponsored by the Pacific International Hospital from the 1st to the 5th of September 2009

National Elections - June 2012

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