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Welcome to the



Neo Melanesian

"Pidgin English"

Neo Melanesian English
laplap cloth / loincloth
mambu bamboo / bamboo pipe
mit steak
moa nogut worse
mumu cooking pit / ground oven
mun month
piksa film (movie show) / picture
pis fish
pisin bird
pispis urinate
provins province
rais rice
raun round
raunwara lake
renbo rainbow

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PNG in the News

Landowners want greater equity stake in PNG Natural gas project --

Forced Evictions and destruction of property by Police in Porgera must end --

Santos Says Share Sale to Institutions Oversubscribed --

PNG Forest Minister faces arrest --

PNG police confirm investigation underway into sex worker death --

Sydney Morning Herald - High seas with martinis please --

Violent clashes close PNG's Ramu nickel mine -- -- see also - Asian shops hit in Lae -- -- and --

Quuensland jet rescues injured Aussie in PNG --

PNG Blogs

Rabaul Historical Society --

Birds in Paradise --

Erin in PNG --

Ken and Una in PNG --

Trobriand Tapioca dance photos --

The Beaten Path: sing sing Morning - Goroka --

ICT Development in Morobe Schools --

Sepik adventure, Malolo mayhem --

A view from two UK doctors visiting Goroka General Hospital --

How to win friends and influence people, PNG style -- -- Autonomous Region of Bougainville.

Jac & John's PNG -- -- Travel blog from Kundiawa


Misc Links

Rapopo Plantation Resort, located on the shores of the Gazelle Peninsula of New Britain, has a new website up and running. Take a look by visiting -- -- well worth the look especially if you are into diving.

Sunday Chronicle --

Department of Treasury and Finance --

Bank of Papua New Guinea --

Internal Revenue Commission -- -- Wild PNG Web Site -- PNG Wiki -- Vanimo Village Reef


News Items

Landowners Barricade Track

Landowners from around the Kovelo area of Kokoda Track have placed barricades on a section of the track and are imposing a fee on any walkers wanting to pass through the area.

The Kokoda Track Authority (KTA) can be contacted on telephone (675) 323 6165 regarding payment of the applicable fee.

There is a factual error on the Aussie web page regarding PNG not recognising Dual Citizenship for people over 18. The actual age is Under 19 not under 18 as mentioned on the Aussie site.

Port Moresby Hospital

It has been reported that funds to rejuvenate the aging Port Moresby General Hospital have been taken away from the hospital but the government says the money is sitting in the Bank of PNG. Architects and builders have now refused to do any more work for the hospital as they have not been paid.

see --

Aussie Travel Advice

The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has changed its Travel Advice for PNG since the last one issued on the 21st of April 2009 01:23:15 EST

Please visit the Aussie site at --

The information on the Aussie web site has changed mainly due to the closing of the Kokoda Track by landowners.

Yule Island Continued

Following on from previous request about Yule Island here is another short email I have received from Murray Day -

"I have a book published 1954"Mitsinari", Andre Dupeyrat translated from french, "21 years among the papuans". I noted your reference to yule island."

Ela United Church

A dispute has developed over the 118 year old United Church building in the Nation's capital. One faction wants to move the building to Metoreia, Hanuabada and another wants to keep it in Douglas Street in the heart of Port Moresby. A court injunction has been taken out restraining the faction that wants to relocate it.

The Ela United Church is the oldest surviving building in Port Moresby and possibly the country. The building was officially opened on the 18th of May, 1890 and dedicated to the work of the Lord. It was used by non-Roman Catholic Christians until 1915 when the Anglicans opened their own parish.

Crocodile Captured

A crocodile has been captured and displayed attached to the front of a vehicle around the streets of Madang. Rather than dispelling the fears of residents this has only added to their worries. A warning has gone out that the croc's mate is still at large. The four-metre long croc is believed to have taken seven locals over the years including most recently a grade six student three weeks ago.

Read the story -- -- and see the picture of the croc.

Executive Jet

The arrival of the K40 million Falcon 900 executive jet being purchased by Air Niugini for use by the government has been delayed. A team sent to the USA to check on available aircraft has found the one most suitable to have had damage to its airframe and repairs would need to be made before the plane would be ready for delivery to PNG.

Bond Sale

The Bank South Pacific (BSP) plans to raise as much as 200 million kina ($72 million) in the nation's first bond sale. The Port Moresby-based lender is offering 100 million kina of 11 percent subordinated notes due May 2019 to local investors and may double the size of the sale.

BSP is PNG's largest bank with 500,000 customers.

see full news item --

Unhappy Top Cop

The Police Commissioner Gari Baki, is upset that certain officers down the rank supported a racist protest march in Port Moresby recently without approval which turned rowdy in the end.

see --

PNG Poorest in Pacific

According to the United Nations PNG is the poorest country in the Pacific and one of the poorest in the world. Sir Arnold Amet, speaking at the National Climate Change regional conference held at the Divine Word University in Madang, said PNG stands to lose even more from the effects of climate change if the issue is not addressed diligently.

see full story --

see report on conference held in Goroka --

Lost Key

Something as simple as a key has stopped the National Parliament from attending to the affairs of the nation. The key to the safe that holds the ceremonial, gold mace for the conduct of session was lost and this forced Parliament to adjourn. It took a locksmith two hours to break in and retrieve the mace ready for the next session of parliament. Thank goodness there was no emergency during this time as the room the mace is kept in also contains the firearms to be used by security guards during emergencies.

The mace is the symbol of authority of the House and tradition dictates that parliament can not sit without it. It is reported to be made from 24 carat gold.

see story at NineMSN --

PNG Power Easipay

Many electricity consumers around PNG are able to prepay for power at various outlets in the towns but these stores often close before you get home from work making it difficult to ensure you have enough credit for the night. Easipay electricity credits can now be paid for online using the DataNets -- -- web site. You will need to pre-register but once registered you can top up your electricity credits any time of the day or night but top them up before the power and your computer goes off. If you have lost power and can't get to the computer it is now possible to add credit to your power using your Digicel mobile telephone so long as your Digicel credit is higher than K10.00.

The interface between the Digicel Network and PNG Power Easipay, to top up electricity accounts, was developed by Computer company DataNets Ltd. --

You can also top up your telephone credits at Esi Shop.

Vudal University Renamed

Vudal University will now be known as the Papua New Guinea University of Natural Resources and Environment. It is hoped that the new name would communicate the long term strategic plan of the university to increase regional awareness and visibility of the university, change its overall perception, attract new students from abroad and increase entrepreneurial spirit.

Stolen Coffee

With the present increase in coffee prices there has been an associated increase in the theft of coffee cherries. The current road side price for coffee is K4.10 per kg and it is very tempting for people to steal to earn easy money. Even young children have been stealing the cherries. Most of the thieves operate under the cover of darkness.

SMS Banking

The Bank South Pacific has introduced banking using Mobile Phone SMS in PNG. A customer will now be able to use mobile phone to carry out day to day banking transactions.

see --

Australian Aid

PNG is expected to receive almost K900 million through official development assistance (ODA) from Australia this year. These figures were released by the Australian government when it announced its 2009-10 budget recently.

Rift Sign PNG Deal

Rift Oil, based in the United Kingdom and PNG has reached an agreement with a multi-national oil company to fund the drilling of up to four wells in PNG.

see --

Fuel Prices Up

The price of filling a motor vehicle has increased. Petrol has risen by 4% to K2.78 per litre and diesel has increased 5% and will now cost K2.20 per litre. These are the Port Moresby prices and will vary outside the National Capital. Fuel prices are currently between 40 and 50% cheaper than they were at this time last year.

Waigani Market

The Waigani market will receive a much-needed upgraded of facilities by Quality Renomaint Contractors at a cost about K2 million. Tabari place in Boroko will also be revitalised as part of the plan by National Capital District Governor, Powes Parkop, to make Port Moresby live up to its name as the capital of PNG.

Read story about Tabari Place --

Wireless Fixed Phone

Telikom PNG has launched a telephone suitable for a house or business that will operate wirelessly. The transmitters for this service will be co-sited on one of many Telikom towers that also carry the mobile telephone signal. The phone is being sold for K50 and calls can be made for as little as six toea per minute. The phone is being released initially in Port Moresby and currently only supports voice calls but in the future will be able send SMS, Internet via a connected PC and Fax traffic.

Coming Events

Arafura Games - on now -- -- Arafura Games 2009 has an exciting line up of events across 26 sporting disciplines. For the first time at Arafura Games will include the sports of Darts and Muaythai.

Official opening on the 21st of May - St John Hospital, Gerehu.

Operation Open Heart - 21st of May - Port Moresby General Hospital

The International Cricket Council (ICC) East Asia Pacific (EAP) Under 19 Cricket Trophy tournament will be held from the 1st to the 7th of June.

2009 Pride of PNG Awards - celebrating the power of women -- nominations close on the 12th of June. This is sponsored by City Pharmacy but their website is out of date --

Walk against corruption - Port Moresby and Kokopo - 14th of June. The Governor General, Sir Paulias, a grand champion in the fight against corruption will lead the Walk Against Corruption in Kokopo, East New Britain province.

5th National Tourism Conference - June (date to be confirmed) - to be held at Madang Resort Hotel.

Tolai Warwagira from 8th to 14th July and Mask Festival from 15th to 18th July at Kokopo East New Britain.

Trukai Olympic Fun Run - 12th of July.

PNG Remembrance Day - 23rd of July.

45th Medical Symposium - Port Moresby - sponsored by the Pacific International Hospital from the 30th of Aug to the 4th of September.

31st October and the 1st of November - Morobe Show - see -- -- and --

25th April 2010 - World Malaria Day. Malaria affects 90 per cent of the PNG population.

National Elections - Scheduled for June 2012.

Do you have an event that you want advertised? - Use the submission form located at -- ../misc/ctc.html.

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