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Welcome to the



Neo Melanesian

"Pidgin English"

Neo Melanesian English
adres address
bel belly
belisi calm / peaceful
bipo before / former / formerly
blakbokis flying fox
blut i kamap bleed
bodi / skin body
botol bottle
bruk broken
brukim lo break the law
brukim break
bung maket market
bungim wantaim pack
dua door
haus marasin pharmacy
haus moni bank
pas / leta letter
stori story

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P2-PXU on arrival at Jackson's airport.
Air Niugini's new Q400 NextGen aircraft

An older Air Niugini aircraft

Fairfax Harbour, Port Moresby

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PNG in the News

Billion dollar PNG nickel mine project under threat after failed court bid --

Impact of PNG earthquakes still being assessed --

Temu confirms vote against PM --

Trouble for the chief after PNG judgment leaves loyalties out for taking --

Major malaria study to be carried out in PNG --

Brisbane Dingoes are set to add flavour to what is expected to be a bonanza rugby tournament at this weekend's Kimbe Sevens in the West New Britain --

Gas Project puts strain on PNG commercial ports --

Kokoda air crash anger --

Uncertainty over Kokoda crash report --

G-G call infuriates MPs --

Genia has Wallabies job in hand --

Spotlight on Hekari underdogs --

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Air Niugini 2010 Reunion --

Act Now PNG --

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PNG Coalition for Change --

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PNG Images

The Pool at the Wewak Boutique Hotel --

Ramu from the air --

Goroka Show - 1957 and 1958 --

Mount Hagen Cultural Festival --

Skull Cave in PNG's Milne Bay --

Body adornment, Goroka Show --

March Girls Resort --

Bensbach photos (scroll to bottom of page) --

Some black & white photos from Gerehu --

At the Wewak Yacht Club --

News Items

Medical Symposium

Over 1,000 participants comprising health workers and specialists, both local and international, are expected to attend the 2010 Medical Symposium to be held from the 29th of August to the 3rd of September. The keynote address will be given by one of PNG's senior doctors and a heart specialist with the Sir Buri Kidu Heart Foundation, Sir Isi Kevau. The symposium will focus on "lifestyle-related diseases and cancers".

Parliament Adjourned

Sir Michael Somare has thwarted a no-confidence motion by adjourning parliament until the 16th of November. The Opposition challenged the Government's numbers for the motion, but the Speaker disallowed the move. The Opposition has claimed PNG is being run by a "dictatorship". Prime Minister Michael Somare, facing a direct challenge by his former deputy Puka Temu, crossed the chamber, pointed his finger at the Opposition MP, Sam Basil, and shouted "I will kill you". Sir Michael's son Arthur also told Basil "I will get you outside." Sir Michael's words caught the ears of the packed chamber and those in the public gallery, including the media.

See --

The opposition says it will push ahead with its plan for a vote of no confidence in the prime minister despite the adjournment of parliament.

See also --


The Papua New Guinea Institute of Medical Research (PNGIMR) has been awarded a block of land in Madang after a lengthy court battle with the landowners. PNGIMR plans to build a K15 million state-of-the-art research facility and headquarters at the site close to other important institutions such as the Modilion General Hospital, Lutheran School of Nursing and Divine Word University (DWU). The facility would enable students and PNGIMR in doing quality research into emerging diseases.

Miss PNG Quest

The Bank of South Pacific (BSP) has announced the sponsorship of 26 year old Rachael Sapery James in the 2010 Miss PNG Red Cross Quest. James is a marine biologist with experience and interest in preserving what is best about the communities and the environment. She has a Masters of Science in international studies of aquatic tropical ecology and conservation from Bremen University in Germany. The quest helps develop young PNG women to be leaders professionally and personally in their communities and lead meaningful lives to inspire others.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Angel Dies

A day after receiving his Fuzzy Wuzzy Angel commemorative medallion at a ceremony in Port Moresby, Chahibus Julali from East Sepik province, has died before returning home. Members of the Australian Defence Force assisted to repatriate his body from Port Moresby to his final resting place. He is from Yobomunah village in West Yangoru.

Australian High Commissioner Ian Kemish said: "Chahibus Julali provided valuable assistance to Australian diggers during the Second World War. We are deeply saddened by his passing but pleased that in the mark of the esteem in which his contribution is held by the Australian government, the Australian Defence Force has been able to facilitate his final journey home."

Air Niugini Fleet

Air Niugini has added to its fleet with the recent arrival of the Bombardier Q400 NextGen aircraft. The new Q400 NextGen arrived in Port Moresby on the 21st of July after being ferried from Bombardier in Toronto, Canada, to PNG via the Philippines and Australia. The new plane is registered as P2-PXU

  - Aircraft Type: Q400 NextGen
  - Length: 32.83m
  - Wing Span: 28.42m
  - Power Plant: 2x Pratt & Whitney PW150A
  - Cruising Speed: 667km/h
  - Normal Altitude: 7,500m
  - Std Seating Capacity: 74 (economy)
  - Range: 2,404k

  - Construction Number 4316

The aircraft will go into service within weeks on existing Air Niugini routes.

images --


Members of the NAEA (National Airline Employees' Association) will have their housing allowance increased from K150 to K500 over the next four years and backdated to 2009. The increase was made at the recent signing of the association's members' consolidation agreement 2009-2014 in Port Moresby. Air Niugini employees were urged by their chief executive officer Wasantha Kumarasiri to think differently and change their attitudes to increase productivity for the airline.


Maternal Death Rate

The Community Development Minister, Dame Carol Kidu, has highlighted that the Maternal mortality rate (MMR), in PNG must be treated as a national emergency if it is to be addressed effectively. According to the 2006 demographic and health survey, the MMR increased from 370 to 733 per 100,000. The survey revealed that PNG's population growth was at 2.7 per cent per annum. These figures are expected to double from 6.4 million in 15 or 20 years.

GG Sworn In

The Governor-General, Sir Paulias Matane, has been sworn in for a second term by Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia.

Coastalwatch Surfboards Abroad

Local surfers living in the remote but surf rich regions of Sri Lanka and Papua New Guinea are ecstatic after receiving a bunch of brand new Firewire surfboards! With great waves surrounding both local communities, the locals are obviously taking to the surf, often on older surfboards left behind by travellers, but their surfing abilities are developing exceptionally fast and injecting new equipment into these areas exclusively for the locals to share is certain to add to their surfing stoke and development!

full news item --

Transport Costs Go Up

The LNG project has created a shortage of trucks for use by other businesses. The LNG project is also able to offer rates that more than what other businesses have been paying to trucking firms. The local media says businesses now have to increase the prices of basic store goods, affecting close to three million people in five provinces, to cover the hire of trucks. Before the LNG project it used to cost US$1435 to ship a single container from Lae to Mt Hagen but now it costs US$2152.

Adventist Aviation Services

The recent purchase of a new airplane for Adventist Aviation Services (AAS) in Papua New Guinea is expected to help Seventh-day Adventists spread the church's message of hope in regions where rugged territory and remote villages make other means of transportation difficult.

AAS is an independent supporting ministry of the Adventist Church.

full story --

Drugs Seized in Wewak

Police have seized bags of marijuana weighing over 14kg and worth K126,000 in Wewak, East Sepik province. The drugs were discovered in a Public Motor Vehicle (PMV) travelling along the east coast of Wewak. Police have arrested a suspect and charged him with possession of marijuana.

Auxiliary Power Unit Servicing

Air Niugini has selected Hamilton Sundstrand Power Systems as the repair source for the APS500 and APS1000 Auxiliary Power Units (APU) installed in its fleet of deHavilland dash 8 series and Q400 aircraft.

Hamilton Sundstrand Power Systems, based in San Diego, USA, has more than 13,000 APUs in commercial and military service. Hamilton Sundstrand is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp.

Julian Moti Update

Julian Moti, the man who fled PNG during the middle of the night in a PNG Defence Force plane and former Solomon Islands Attorney-General, will have stand trial in the Supreme Court in Brisbane, Australia for the alleged rape of a thirteen year old girl in Vanuatu. He faces a maximum jail term of 17 years if convicted.


in addition - Administrative issues delay Moti case --

Coming Events

Malagan Show - Now until the 27th of July

Mt Hagen Show -- 13th - 15th of August

2010 Medical Symposium 29th of August to the 3rd of September. (Wewak) --

Sepik River Expedition - September 2010 --

2nd Middle Sepik Festival - Palimbe Village, East Sepik province - 10th - 11th of September

19th Pacific History Conference, Pacific at the crossroads - University of Goroka - 12th to 16th of September

Kokopo District Cultural Show, Kokopo, East New Britain -- 14th - 15th of September

Independence Day - 16th September

Hiri Moale Festival -- -- (usually celebrated at the same time as Independence Day)

Goroka Show -- 17th to the 19th of September --

The Laughing Samoans -- 18th of September at the Crowne Plaza, Port Moresby, PNG

Morobe Agricultural Show - 23rd & 24th October --

National Canoe Festival - Alotau, Milne Bay province - 5th to 7th of November

Air Niugini staff reunion will be held on Sat November the 13th, 2010 at the Rydges Oasis, Caloundra, Queensland, Australia --

11th Mining and Petroleum Investment Conference - 6th to 8th December, 2010 - Hilton Hotel, Sydney --

Full Pacific Games - New Caledonia 2011

National Elections - Scheduled for June 2012

2012 PNG Games -- Kokopo, East New Britain

Pacific Mini Games - Wallis and Futuna 2013

Full Pacific Games - PNG 2015 --

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