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Welcome to the



Neo Melanesian

"Pidgin English"

Tok Pisin English
tok word / say
tok baksait gossip about
tok bilas ridicule
tok bilong bipo yet fable / myth
tok bilong ol tumbuna tradition of ancestors
tok bokis secret language / parable
tok grisim flatter
tok gude greet
tok gumi tall tale
tok hait secret
tok insait conscience
tok pait controversy
tok ples local language
tok tru speak the truth
tok tru truth
tok / toktok talk
tokautim sin confess
tokim tell
toksave advertisement
toksave information
toksave / tok save long explain
toktok conversation
toktok long talk about
toktok wantaim converse with
tokwin rumour

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P2-PXV on arrival at Jackson's airport.
Air Niugini's new Boeing B767-300ER aircraft (Photo by B Seta)

Boeing B767 (Photo by B Seta)

P2-PXV parked at Jackson's Airport (Photo by B Seta)

Mt Tavurvur, Rabaul, East New Britain

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PNG in the News

International film to tell crisis story --

Hopes fade for the lessons of Kokoda crash --

International Fund Corporation signs 10 per cent BSP shareholding deal --

Warning bells ... Port Moresby, the boom town, is heading for congestion and overcrowding. --

Popondetta Smallholder Oil Palm Development Project --

PNG: Neighbours, partners, and a new frontier --

France honours PNG diplomat --

Resistant TB a real threat --

Aussie tipped for top Correctional Services job --

PNG Blogs

New Dawn on Bougainville --

A Foundation of Love - Pioneer Bible Translators --

The Obregon Family Blog --

Western Highlands Province: MP, lawyer restrained --

Underwater Pencil - Madang - Ples Bilong Mi --

Nathan Potts --

Jane Tompsett's diary --

Carterets islanders relocation --

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Interested in Fashion Jewellery and Accessories? Then visit this online store located in Port Moresby --

Port Moresby Net Index --,38039/Port-Moresby/

PNG Tourism --

10 days in PNG --

PNG War Cemeteries --

Into the heart of PNG --

Kokopo Village Resort --

East Sepik accommodation --

Divine Word University --

PNG Department of Education --

Act Now for a better PNG --

PNG Images

PNG Eco Tourism --

Ukarumpa in late afternoon on Flickr --

Meri at the Mt Hagen Show --

Mainly Air Niugini videos --

PNG from the Air --

Skull Cave in Milne Bay --

Marine Photo Book --

News Items

Bougainville Mona Festival

The Bougainville Mona Festival is on track as contributions and donations are coming in. Mobile phone giant, Digicel, has pledged K80,000 for naming right of the show. The Mona Festival will run for three days. Monas from villages in the Hagogohe constituency will race across the famous Buka passage.

Mona is a special and traditional type of canoe used in the past for trading.

Vale Sir Brian Bell

Sir Brian Bell has passed away peacefully at the St Andrews Memorial Hospital in Brisbane on the 25th of July. He had just celebrated his 82nd birthday. He had been sick for some time and died of heart failure. Sir Brian was awarded the Royal Order of Merit Knight 1st Class (Norway) and Commander of the Royal Order of the Polar Star (Sweden) for service as honorary consul general. In recognition of outstanding achievement and community service, Sir Brian received a KBE, PNG Community Service Medal, Queen’s Jubilee Medal, PNG Independence Medals and the Salvation Army’s Order of Distinguished Auxiliary Service.

Brian Bell`s retail network comprises 10 retail outlets and more than 25 distribution agencies in all major commercial centres in PNG.

Will Somare Step Down?

Will the Grand Chief, Sir Michael Somare step down? The Post Courier has indicated he will step down as leader of the National Alliance party before the 14th of August and consequently hand over the prime ministership to another person.

NA denies top job vacancy --

PDM 4 yoyo back to govt --

Somare, Nape told: "Step down or else" --

Mt Tavurvur

There has been an increase in ash activity coming from Mt Tavurvur, East New Britain province. The volcano has been relatively quiet for the past seven months and it is reported the sudden eruption resulting in plumes rising to about 1,000m took the residents and Rabaul Volcano Observatory (RVO) by surprise as their monitoring systems did not initially detect it. RVO has advised people in downwind, ash affected areas to remain indoors.

See also - Tavurvur shows signs of easing --

Measles Eradication

The Health Department is about to begin a nationwide immunisation exercise in an attempt to eradicate measles in the country. The Bank South Pacific (BSP) has assisted the National Capital District (NCD) health services by donating 48 beach umbrellas for the teams to use when vaccinating the children. The exercise is set to be carried out from the 16th of August to the 10th of September for children aged between six months and two years 11 months. Measles is highly infectious and caused by a virus.

see also - Door-to-door immunisation --

PNG Water for Australia

Australia is looking at spending $A30 billion to have water piped over 4000 kilometres from PNG to Australia. PNG and Australian company Might and Power Ltd have entered into an agreement for the latter to carry out pre-feasibility and feasibility studies into the PNG-Australia water project. The environment impact study will be part of a K20 million feasibility study.

Air Niugini

Air Niugini's lease arrangement with Icelandair for a second Boeing 767-300ER has been completed and the aircraft has landed in Port Moresby under the registration P2-PXV. It has been configured for 46 business and 148 economy class seats with greater pitch in both business and economy cabins. This means more leg room for passengers.

The new addition to Air Niugini's fleet was most recently used by the Presidential Flight of Abu Dhabi.

Aviation is PNG’s spine --

Travel Update

The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has issued a new Smartraveller advisory service update about PNG. The advice has been reviewed and reissued. The overall level of the advice has not changed. The advice level is still classified as "High degree of caution"


Mobile Phone e-wallet

MPowa mobile applications, a division of Data Nets Ltd has, after five years of development, launched the use of mobile phones as electronic wallets. The MPowa technology is considered as a major international move towards providing mobile phone users with the ability to carry out simple financial transactions without the need for credit or debit cards. Using MPowa allows the transfer of money from one person to another for the payment of goods and services.

The system is secured by a unique numeric personal code or Personal Identification Number (PIN) for both customers and merchants in case of loss, theft or damage to the mobile phone.

Rotary Donates Computers

The Rotary Club in the Huon Gulf have donated ten computers to the Huonville Primary School. The first four computers were delivered to the school in May and have been located in the administration office to be used by staff and students and the other six donated in June will be used in the library.

Tabubil Lions

Five members of the Tabubil Lions Club have represented PNG at the Lions International Convention held in Sydney, Australia. Tabubil Lions Club is 26 years old and is reportedly the longest existing Lions Club in PNG. As a result, Tabubil Lions Club was recognised at the international level during the convention which attracted Lions Club representatives from more than 50 countries.

AIDS Office Closes

The Morobe provincial AIDS council (MPAC) office has had to close due to a lack of funds to pay workers. Provincial care and counselling coordinator Casper Poilele said that some of the staff had now gotten jobs elsewhere, while the rest were waiting to be recalled as soon as funds were made available. HIV is on the increase in rural areas and it is vital that the various provincial governments supported their local provincial AIDS council offices.

Sovereign Wealth Fund

The proposed Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF) to be set up to invest funds generated from the LNG project abroad will boost the country’s economy to about K50 billion in Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

full story --

see also - SWF best kept offshore: Yauieb -- - and --

Miss PNG

Sylvia Pascoe has entered the Miss PNG Quest. Visit her web site at -- -- so you can keep track of what she is doing during the run up to the quest. Read about why Sylvia set up the site at -- -- Also see - Red Cross entrant donates blood --

Nicole Jeune has entered the 2010 Miss PNG Quest sponsored by the National Gaming Control Board (NGCB). Jeune, a former psychology student at the University of Papua New Guinea, is currently the programme producer and coordinator for Haus and Home show and standby presenter with EMTV. --

Miss Digicel 2010, 21-year-old Hariesa Tau from Gabagaba, Central province, has visited the Tembari Children Care (TCC) community learning centre at ATS Oro Settlement outside Port Moresby has part of her charity work in the community. Miss Digicel 2010 is employed by KK Kingston Ltd.

Miss 2010 Coffee Goroka, 19-year-old Michelle Mondia from the Eastern Highlands has entered this year’s Miss PNG Quest as Miss PNG Australia Alumni Association. --

2011 Arafura Games

The Arafura Games, a week long multi-sport competition held every two years in Darwin, will be held between the 7th and 14th of May 2011. The Arafura Games targets developing athletes across the Asia Pacific region and beyond. In 2011, the Games will consist of 19 sports and for the third time, incorporate the Oceania Paralympic Championships.

MP's "Guilty"

The Ombudsman Commission has said that all 107 Members of Parliament could face 10 years imprisonment or a fine of K10,000 each for allegedly failing to sit for the required 63 days in a twelve month period under Section 124 of the Constitution in 2009.

full story --

Coffee Roaster

Governor General, Sir Paulias Matane, and other PNG dignitaries have visited recently Fallon, Nevada, USA after the PNG chose to purchase a San Franciscan coffee roaster from local manufacturer Coffee PER.


Kokoda Village Development

The Australian government has shown its committment to improve health and education and address safety issues along the Kokoda track by delivering 10 tonnes of essential materials to communities. The materials have been sent on several charter flights from Port Moresby to Manari, Efogi, Naduri, Kagi and Kokoda station.

Full news item --

Coming Events

Mt Hagen Show - 13th - 15th of August --

Pool Party with John Wilshire & ESC - Taurama Leisure centre - 28th August 11:00 - 14:00

2010 Medical Symposium 29th of August to the 3rd of September. (Wewak) --

Sepik River Expedition - September 2010 --

2nd Middle Sepik Festival - Palimbe Village, East Sepik province - 10th - 11th of September

19th Pacific History Conference, Pacific at the crossroads - University of Goroka - 12th to 16th of September

Kokopo District Cultural Show, Kokopo, East New Britain -- 14th - 15th of September

Independence Day - 16th September

Hiri Moale Festival -- -- (usually celebrated at the same time as Independence Day)

Goroka Show -- 17th to the 19th of September --

The Laughing Samoans -- 18th of September at the Crowne Plaza, Port Moresby, PNG

Morobe Agricultural Show - 23rd & 24th October --

National Canoe Festival - Alotau, Milne Bay province - 5th to 7th of November

Air Niugini staff reunion will be held on Sat November the 13th, 2010 at the Rydges Oasis, Caloundra, Queensland, Australia --

11th Mining and Petroleum Investment Conference - 6th to 8th December, 2010 - Hilton Hotel, Sydney --

Arafura Games - 7 - 14th of May 2011 --

Full Pacific Games - New Caledonia 2011

National Elections - Scheduled for June 2012

2012 PNG Games -- Kokopo, East New Britain

Pacific Mini Games - Wallis and Futuna 2013

Full Pacific Games - PNG 2015 --

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